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Trains of Thought

They sit side by side on the faded seat,
Her eyes are red, puffed from the tears,
She drops her head and looks to her right,
He is scrolling through his phone, glued.
Headphones in ears his attention distracted,
She studies his face, sadness has overcome,
The sounds of laughter behind her flinch her not.

In that moment she looks for assurance,
But he doesn’t look up, he doesn’t realise.
Rolling her head back she tilts to look,
Through the window at hazy trees.

The outside scenery creating an ocean of green,
A small thin tear rolls down her left cheek,
Quickly wiping it she ruffles through her bag,
He pops his head up, gives her a gentle nudge.

The moment of assurance it seems has passed,
They are two strangers now, a weary smile tells all,
His eyes plead to reason, hers pleads for freedom.

The train pulls into the station, they both,
get up.
Her hand on his shoulder. Sometimes,
we must remain persistent in trying,
to find solace.
In those who miss the signs!

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