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What’s Worse than the M25


Hopefully something most, if not all, parents can relate to…..

“As we move gently through the motionless morning, there are only a few in the distant, whizzing down the road to squeeze into an intersection of leaves and bushes.

We then move swiftly down a two-way path which really is designed for one-way traffic, rocky and bumpy in nature, with my wheels taking all the punishment.

On exiting the narrow (not designed for two-way) path there in-front lies a vast expanse that looks like a scene from 300, there’s no rules here, park where you want, in what direction you want, it’s probably the only place where you won’t pick up a parking ticket – road rage is a normal occurrence. 

As we float down the hill I have that feeling in my stomach that I may become a victim of the road rage or maybe trigger myself.  If insurance was applicable to these vehicles then I would have surely put my insurance company out of business.

We are fast approaching the bottleneck, the place where bumps and crashes are a certainty; we weave left, then right, apply the brakes, raise the front, onto the mud pud and back again.

As I look to my side, I can see others, weaving around, some smiling, but mostly looking stressed, in a hurry like they are being chased by a pack of hungry wolves. 

Finally we get to our destination…..I kneel down and kiss my son good-bye, tell him to have a great day at school…..turn around and look at the task ahead, it looks like a Bank Holiday weekend in-front of me, what’s worse than the M25 I say……the school playground”.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

2 thoughts on “What’s Worse than the M25

  1. This is so true, doing the school run in the morning and it’s madness sometimes, everyone’s so in a rush these days, we all need to take time out and relax.

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