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A Rare Gem Amongst Sikh History Books

Courtesy of the kids on Christmas holidays and the snow gracing our streets and roads, Ifound myself limited with what we could do.  Having exhausted draughts and almost turn my 8yr old into a champion (he beat me at my own game), we decided to get the car out and drive a little down the road to our local library.  I love our local library because it’s small, cosy and you sometimes find some real gems.

So while the kids were busy destroying the “garden” section, I found a very interesting read tucked away in the large print section – “The Sikhs in Britain – 150 Years of Photographs” by Peter Bance.  It is indeed a book which has some fantastic pictures, however accompanied with these pictures is detailed information, including timelines.

What struck me, apart from the monumental effort with which Sikhs successfully integrated and blossomed in Britain, was how smart these Sikh men and women looked.  Being a full-beared Sikh myself, I was more so in awe of Sikh men who kept their full identify during the early period of the 20th century and how proud they looked. 

The book is full of interesting facts and stories that would make anyone, regardless of background, feel proud, of how to stand up for what you believe in, in a new country.  On the flip side, it also shows how the British helped Sikhs to integrate and made them feel so welcome, not forgetting the help Sikhs provided during the First World War.

You will have to read this book to appreciate the detail and photo’s – please ask your local library to see if they have a copy.  I have included some links below, happy finding and reading.

Some pictures from the book –

Buy this book @ Waterstones –



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