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Lottery Daydreaming is Good Planning!

Right, we’ve all, at some point, dreamt what it would be like if we won the lottery, coming into all those millions, yes millions of Pounds/Dollars/Euro’s.  No harm in it and for all those who may chuckle at you, guess what, when it happens, at least you are prepared for it, like me!

You’ll be one of two types of winners: 1. Happy to show and tell; 2: Don’t tell anyone.

No.2  is extremely tricky, but we’ll get onto that later.

1. Happy to show and tell – there have been numerous stories in the papers over the last few years of people who have won the lottery, and subsequently lost it or blown it.  In any case, you have to be brave to do this, locals and family members will either love you or hate you.  I recently heard a couple on the radio in Oxford, UK, who won the lottery and shared their news with the local community.  The result, most of the shops they went into, the owners refused to charge them, how strange but a rare case.  There are the horror stories of course and these can be found here –

 2. Don’t tell anyone – you’ve got the winning numbers and the lottery bosses turn up at your house to offer you rehab!  Now, you have whopping sum of money sitting in your bank account and it’s time to piece together the jigsaw that is your recurring daydream.   As you have been dreaming about this (at more than frequent times) it’s effectively made you a good planner and you know exactly how to “slowly” bring out those riches to good use without anyone becoming suspicious.  Here’s some discretionary top tips:

  1. Pay off your mortgage no-one, except your bank manager will know this.
  2. Take a holiday & travel first class – no-one needs to know about the 1st class travel, only the booking agent knows.
  3. Buy your first home everyone know’s you’ve been saving for a while, just don’t make your first purchase a mansion.
  4. Invest in another property or two again, no-one except your bank manager will now this, it’s a fallback incase you blow all the rest.
  5. Leave your job to start your “phantom” business – luck has it this business is going to make you “millions”.
  6. Stay low for 12-18 monthskeep it simple, maybe upgrade your car but nothing to flash yet.
  7. Business is booming, time to let loose upgrade the house, get a new car and don’t forget to help out loved one’s and give to charity.

The rest is history, you know what they say, money makes money.



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