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The Deli that Saved my Day

Just when the train journey, the bumpy taxi ride, the grim faces in the meeting, the thoughts of that long journey back home started to get to me, the break in between for a homely lunch helped me forget all that.  This is a brief thanks to a deli which serves the best food I have ever tasted!

Ebbesfleet train station is quite a minimalistic place, clean and quiet, but at 6am on a cold winter December, nothing much appeals.  Fast forward and I arrive at Stockport train station, where the weather is even more grim.  I grab a taxi to a client site in Cheadle, somewhere South of Greater Manchester. 

The Meeting

I’ll try not delve on the meeting too much, room full of ultra-ego Senior Managers, Tech Specialists and Project Managers.  On and on it went which made you question the purpose behind why you made the journey in the first place.  Anyway, we finally skipped through the agenda points after spending much of the time going in all other directions, a break was proposed and some of the kind staff offered to take us into Cheadle Town Centre for lunch.

The Build Up

Apparently we were in the company of some real food experts here and this place we were going to was a little gem, it was called JASJASJAS.  My head was still banging at the thought of going back to the meeting and the 3 hour journey home via London, arriving home late in the evening.  One staff member informed us that the owners of this deli were thinking of moving on and that it came as great news when one of couple fell ill (sorry that sounds bad) which meant they decided to stay in the UK.  “You’ll be spoilt for choice, you’ll want one of these in Kent” was the statement.


I kid you not, the queue for this place was out on the footpath, waiting in line, the smell starting building up.  Lebanese food, didn’t know a huge amount about it but it was certainly beginning to work its magic.  Once inside, we were introduced to the warm counter, which had the most tasting looking dishes on display.  Chicken Shalwarma, Poached Salmon, Spicy minced lamb, the list is endless.  Luckily for us, experts were on hand and they helped us put together a most delicious box of food aided with rice and a corn tortilla the size of the moon.






I ate, therefore I become clear

I munched my way through that food like a combine harvester in a corn field, no mercy.  Everything seemed fine from there on, I just sat back in the meeting and thought about what I had just consumed, all was so much more clearer, I nodded and recommended conference calls from this point on, to make things more concise and save costs on travel.

The Verdict

Great service, warm and friendly, exceptionally informative about the food, so fresh tasting, excellent value for money and it’s no wonder (as I am told) the queue is way outside the deli every day.  So, the next time I am even within 20 miles of Cheadle, I know where I’ll be heading.

So here’s to that little gem, I hope you decide to put retirement plans on hold….



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