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Parenting working when your child reminds you

It’s a Monday morning and the clock reads 08:40, great, I tell myself, ahead of schedule.  As I go to collect my 2yr old’s shoes from the hallway, I realise they are still muddy from yesterday, damn, I am going to lose time here.  So as I start a quick scrub, my little one watches in amazement, shoes dirty he says.

Finally I get his shoes and jacket on, the rain is pouring down as I open the front door.  We rush into the car, I buckle him in, with the rain falling on my back, he finds it amusing. 

I sit in the car, start it up and begin rolling backwards out of the drive, I then hear this little sound from the back seat, Papa, seat belt.  In that one moment, I forget everything and it made me realise once again the power of observation children have.  How they observe your habits, mannerisms and how they associate things with different scenario’s.  I am sure all those parents out there have experienced these situations, we have to always be mindful of our actions and reactions as children never forget.

It pleased me that my little one managed to associate driving a car with putting on a seat belt, now the next step will be to teach him why we put it on.

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