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Crisps Rehab – Day 5

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed days 1 -4, I didn’t want to tempt fate by writing so early in case I turned back to the dark side.  Six days ago, after munching through a packet of hand cooked crisps, I looked down at my ever-expanding belly and thought, can I cut this snack out and start a road to recovery?  What is that road to recovery you ask?  To completely change my diet but eradicating snacks of all kind by the age of 40, I have five years left.  So my first victim, the crisp packet.

If I cast my mind back, I don’t think I can remember life without crisps, good old Golden Wonder, Walkers, Space Invaders and Monster Munch, oh so many.  I guess the habit came from the fact that I mostly took sandwiches to school, which were associated by a crisp packet.  Same has applied at work in the past, a sandwich with a crisp packet, it must also be a Brit Thing

The Crisp OverLord tries to tempt me!

Well, now I am on Day 5 and have already been tested.  On Day 3, a team member walked into the office having claimed that while purchasing a drink from the vending machine, it had also knocked out a packet of Thai Sweet Chilli hand cooked crisps.  He took it away but decided to offer it around in our team; refusals were the order of the moment and I could see that packet of crisp heading my way, in a split second I had to decide and I kindly said NO.  I had won the early battle against the Crisp OverLord, but I am sure there are more to come.

On-going Programme!

So what’s helped me get this far?

1. Increase in fruit (my desk is full of fruit these days)

2. Ryvita Crisp Bread (excluding cheese, ham or pickle)

3. Not thinking about crisps

4. Blocking my ears when a college munches into their packet

5. Pose in-front of the glass vending machine and look at my belly, which soon puts me back in check.

Next Challenge…….completely switch to wholemeal bread!



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

One thought on “Crisps Rehab – Day 5

  1. Dude wholemeal bread is easy!
    Crisps is one evil I haven’t been able to defeat. After many failed attempts of removing them from my life I now limit myself to one packet a week. It’s worked for me for over a year now. The only time I branch out is if there is a celebration – they count as extenuating circumstances!
    Good Luck!

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