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Just When I Thought Customer Service Was Dead

In the past 12 months (maybe longer) I have been at odds with various experiences regarding customer service.  Not so much call centres, but the cold face, retail.  I have lost count of the many occasions when I walked into a shop, enquired about an item size and be told its whatever’s out there sir.  I tell myself, so what you’re telling me is you can’t be bothered to go and check.  Don’t get me wrong for saying this, but this lacklustre approach is more common amongst the younger demographic, where, I guess retail is not their full-time job.

Anyway, getting to the point, I was shopping with my little one in Bluewater last night and we decided to pop into Leon for a take-away.  Leon is a chain of restaurants offering cooked, local produce procured food.  I had a few bags on me when I got to the counter and a young chap took my order.  As we waited, he started up a conversation asking me how my shopping went.  Then my little one started playing up, so he came around the counter and offered to get him a balloon, divert his attention.  Following that, he brought out some crayons with paper and some Leon badges, while I took a breather.  Food was packed for me, balloon tucked away and crayons placed in a sturdy bag with handles.  We regularly eat at Leon and the customer service is good but on this occasion I was impressed how this person took the initiative to help me out.

Credit where it’s due, I called the Manager and told her what great service this chap provided, smiles all round.



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