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A future full of pre-written conversations

How many times have we heard the phrase Political Correctness Gone Mad.  Everyone seems to use it and with some frustration.  I recall talking to a friend whose wife is a pre-school teacher and they were asked to alter certain phrases which would now be deemed as offensive.  For those living in the UK, you would have recently heard of the sacking of a high-profile sports broadcaster over sexist comments about a female linesperson, who had been officiating a game of football/soccer.  Don’t get me wrong, there is no room for comments such as that but once again it does emphasise how careful we need to be about what we say.  Some years back, I jokingly said that a time would come where we would all be carrying pre-written conversations with us just to ensure we don’t cause offence.  I am now seriously thinking this could be a possibility.  It would also mean a world where banter was strictly outlawed in the working place and in public.  Are we therefore in danger of being a society where it’s always important to play it safe and not have any fun? 

I am now in the process of constructing a list of all words that have been identified as politically incorrect.  Just like the old (can use that word anymore) American Express advert, Never Leave Home Without It.

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Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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