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Make your Valentine’s Day another day?

Ah, love is in the air as we approach Valentine’s Day and all those couples (in love) will be making plans for a romantic night out…..or will they?

Over the past few years we found that eating out on Valentine’s Day meant being in a restaurant that was extremely busy, where you could only choose from a fixed menu and the standard of the food didn’t quite match the expectation of the evening.

So, after much discussion we both decided that we would celebrate this much over-hyped day by going out either a week before or a week after.  The great thing about this is that you can still present your loved one with gifts and flowers, only you are not paying double the price for them.

I am sure in some couples cases, the mere suggestion that you don’t want to pay for an over-priced meal on Valentine’s Day could result in you on the couch, we have taken a more pragmatic approach to this all.  However I appreciate that some couples do go out for a variety of reasons, to adhere to social pressure, to patch things up or even propose!

A Valentine’s Day night out for us generally means the four of us, me, wifey and our two little gems, mind you it’s not too bad, just as romantic.

For those who still want to do something on the day, then my advice is to create that romantic atmosphere at home, something we will try this year..



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

10 thoughts on “Make your Valentine’s Day another day?

  1. Totally agreed. I will be playing Netball then hoping the hubby has thrown something together to eat when I get home! And they say romance is dead…

  2. You know when I read this I was going to totally agree with you right? lol. Because I do. V-Day is definitely over priced. And where does it say you have to only be romantic on that day? You don’t even want to read my article I’m posting on Monday lmao. Loved this post.. and you know I love your blog..

  3. if ur a couple with kids,
    get a babysitter and enjoy a fantastic night of loud sensual wild sex – now that is a great valentines day gift for men and women when they are married haha.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my post 🙂

      It’s not so much the kids, it’s the high price of almost anything in any shop, even things that are not Valetine related.

      Go into a shop to purchase shoe polish and the owner will think it’s a gift for her man, up goes the price. Mind you, I’ve ate in some places on Valentine’s which are not too far off tasting like shoe polish!

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