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Every face tells a story

“If at that moment I was in your shoes, I probably wouldn’t want to wake up the next morning”.

Have you ever done it?  Looked at someone, closely, trying to ascertain their life story just by studying their face?  Don’t worry, this doesn’t border on being judgemental, just observation.  I used to do it on the train when I was working in the City, just my private observations, just for me.

Yesterday I came across a chap at my local temple, who had lost a shoe, I know him, nice guy, probably around mid 40’s but has a mental age of 15, wouldn’t hurt a fly.  He seemed distressed, shaking his head, I offered to help, search around.  All of a sudden I spotted his mum, and she started shouting out all sorts of stuff, stopping people, shouting. 

This chap turned to me, his eye’s wide open with his jaw almost dropping.  At that moment, I realised that he wasn’t upset that he couldn’t find his shoe, but what was going to happen to him if his mum found out.  He kept shaking his head, dropping his head, his eyes wide with disappointment.  He mutters when he speaks, however I caught the words “here she goes again”…and in that small moment my heart sunk! 

He lives in a shadow, not because he wants to, because he has to.  That look, it was telling me he had given up, I’ll never forget that look, I never look at him in the same light, even when he’s smiling.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

3 thoughts on “Every face tells a story

  1. You know, sometimes people have a habit of dismissing those who are not similar to them. For instance, I hate when people stare at people with disabilities. They are not foreign and I give them the respect not to make them feel uncomfortable. Everyone has a story and NO ONE is perfect. I really enjoyed this post. I needed my Expand and realise fix lol. Enjoy the rest of the week :).

    1. Hey BG, one of the things I try and teach my kids is to respect and appreciate those who may be less fortunate then themselves. But above all, I tell them not to treat them any different or make them feel uncomfortable in any shape or form.

      I have this memory of attending a wedding, while watching the married couple take their first dance, I noticed a odd look in the bride’s face, something wasn’t right. Unfortunately they split a year later, he wasn’t the guy for her! I’m no fortune teller however that look just seemed some unwelcoming, like she had shut the doors on him so quickly.


  2. I agree – a face can tell a thousand stories!
    I love reading people’s faces and trying to figure out what they are trying to express and what is really going on…actually, sometimes my job depends on it!

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