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SoUL – Style of Ultimate Living

Last night I was watching a young lady present her thoughts around human nature and our actions in life to a large televised audience. 

What caught my attention was her reference to the SOUL and her connection to what she called “Style of Ultimate Living”.  It was an interesting concept on our actions and that how we conduct our life can actually have a bearing on our soul and inner self.  Okay, I am sure there’s a host of material out there debating this notion, but have we ever stopped to consider what we class as our ultimate style of living?

I took a moment out to think how close I am to the style of ultimate living I aspire to?   Answer…not that close.  However, am I better person for not reaching that ultimate living?  Am I more humble?  Answer, probably.

So consider this, what is your SoUL?  Where are you now?  Can you plug the gap in this lifetime and would that give you inner peace?


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

6 thoughts on “SoUL – Style of Ultimate Living

  1. I read this post earlier and have been thinking ever since about my soul is not a very easy question once actually asked. you think you know but have no idea. Great post

  2. Wow! I love the question! It makes one reach so deep! WOW!

    I believe that with each passing day I am getting closer to the style of ultimate living that I aspire to… Again with me its a question of knowing the path and walking the path… I know the path, have known for 2 maybe 3 years and I have just began walking it…

    “what is your SoUL? Where are you now? Can you plug the gap in this lifetime and would that give you inner peace?” I have answers to those questions that not only make logical sense to me but bring a divine love and faith bubbling up too. I have been seeking. I have found. Now I walk. (and somehow it doesnt only pertain to spiritual aspects but to everything in life)

    You are seeking. You will find.

    Love Love Love this post!!! 🙂

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