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Note to self – now always buy TWO

What’s the difference between having one child and having two? 

It means everything you buy for the eldest, you need to buy for the youngest.  I am being honest when I say I was not aware of this. 

My eldest is a huge football fan and every sports top he buys, there is demand from my youngest that he have the same.  I am not saying he is spoilt, far from it as he lives on seconds from his elder brother.  The trigger was when our youngest took his older brother’s football top and put it on, only it looked like he was wearing a skirt and he refused to take it off. 

This weekend I made a “school-boy error”, I brought my eldest a wallet and when he got home to show his mother, the first reaction came from my youngest:

Where’s my Wallet?  I want the wallet! It’s mine!

My youngest walked around all weekend with a few coins in his hand, looking to slip them into a wallet which he doesn’t have.  At that point I realised, if you are going to buy something, make sure you buy two of each, just to keep the peace!



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

4 thoughts on “Note to self – now always buy TWO

  1. You and that note to self line is priceless lol. I think the youngest wants what the older has because he idolizes the oldest and wants to be like them when they’re little. The oldest wants what the youngest has because he’s just used to being the oldest before the youngest was even born lol. I have three siblings and know this well lol. I can’t believe you didn’t know this.

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