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Our very own “KITT” in UK cars, family trip punch ups!

As I was working my way through the Sunday Times last week, I read an article about Ford now looking to introduce a version of KITT in its cars for the UK (I understand this is already present in the US).

Oh what a laugh this is going to be…..

For those of you unaware, apparently you just need to say I am hungry and the in-car system tells you about the nearest restaurants. 

You can also set the voice recognition to recognises familiar voices, which is handy if you have a total stranger sitting your car, as you do, as they won’t be able to mess about with the system. 

However, can you imagine being on a family trip where, let’s just say, the harmony in the car is not calm?  So let me paint the picture:

Dad: I’m feeling hungry > KITT pops up with some restaurants

Child 1: Dad’s not hungry anymore > KITT pops back down

Mum: I want to listen to some Jazz > KITT puts on some Jazz

Child 2: I want to listen to some heavy metal > KITT changes to heavy metal

Child 1: Dad looks as if he’s bursting for a wee > KITT points out nearby toilets

Dad: My youngest brat in the back acts as if her brain is shrinking > KITT pops up nearby hospitals

Mum: I’ve had enough of you all, I need to get away > KITT pops up likely destinations, up-to-date flights and the nearest divorce specialist.

……………..could KITT cope in your car?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

7 thoughts on “Our very own “KITT” in UK cars, family trip punch ups!

  1. Well it doesn’t exactly work like that but that excerpt of a car scene is hilarious lol. I, for one, don’t think this device should be a selection in a car anyway. If that things breaks, it’s another thing to fix inside the car. I love bells and whistles but not at the expense of my pocket.

      1. They don’t. I remember going on trips where my mom would say, did you pee? lol. She still does that LOL. She makes sandwiches and takes sodas, juice, water for our trip. We rarely pay for anything except toll for the highway, gas, and occasionally anything we pick up (which turns out saves so much money). I’ve become so accustomed to traveling like that, I don’t know how to travel any other way by car. I’m still mad I can’t bring a sandwich, I made, on a damn plane lol.

  2. Oh, I can imagine the chaos when KITT does listen to every concern that each person in the car raises. Since KITT’s supposed to be an intelligent system, would it be possible that it would lash out and just hush everyone up in the car? LOL!

    1. Hey Bryan

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

      I think what kid needs is the good old “Eject” seat, for when it gets all too much, just spring out the passenger. Harsh but would save a real headache.


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