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The Room – a book sits patiently at home

The Room: it’s on my next book to read, I put off purchasing it (oh how much was I tempted) and placed a reservation in my local library.

Two weeks ago @ the library………. “Sir, you are 31st in the queue for this book”

I thought to myself, let me just go out and buy it.  The price is not the issue, it’s where do I store it, with the other several hundred I have in containers in my garage?

Friday 18th March…..”Letter from library, oops, looks like another fine…what!  The Room is at the library waiting for me to pick up?”

As you can imagine, rush of panic through sheer excitement.

Monday 21st March…”It’s sitting at home, the book, can’t wait to start it…..”



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

9 thoughts on “The Room – a book sits patiently at home

    1. Hey BG – how you doing? Family and I doing well, just been one of those weeks where work is extremely busy. I have a small collection of un-finished articles still needing some TLC.

      How are things with you?

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