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At home, we have a human parrot

What better way but to start with the definition of a parrot:

A copycat who does not understand the words or acts being imitated

Well, this is the perfect description of our 2 1/2 yr old.  We started noticing this some weeks back, how he would jump on the very last word any of us used in a sentence.  However, he wouldn’t jump on saying that single word, he would waffle a sentence that included that word.  Ok, I have parents all over the world nodding, been there, seen it, but it’s actually so funny which then turns into so annoying.

We then decided to run an experiment.  In the car, while driving, our little one started copying our eldest, he was in the groove so I asked my eldest to make up a sentence and see how his little brother coped.  It was hilarious, our little one was spot on, it was like an echo!

We have now moved onto words containing 14 letters or more, the results are staggering.

Human Parrott Experiment continues……



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

2 thoughts on “At home, we have a human parrot

  1. Hahah my sister always copies what I say wen on the phone it’s to funny but it gets annoying when she ends up saying something that she wasn’t meant to infront of my parents hehe. Loving the new theme of the blog good to have you back. Nice post.

    1. Yes it’s pretty annoying for my eldest son but his strategy now is longer words, which to think about it, is good practice for his younger brother, so things are only going to get more annoying.

      Yes I fancied a change of scenary – I like what you did with your blog-virament.

      Nice to be back 🙂

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