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My Pics with Crazy Thoughts – Bubblegum Immigrant

Day 2 of my pics with associated crazy stories……..

The village of “Leaves” is a small tight-nit community where everyone knows just about everyone.  Clustered within a small area, they pride themselves on helping each other and maintaining their identity.  In the past 100 years not a single “outsider” has knocked on their door, passed through their roads, smelt the fresh green air or set foot on the sometimes murky banks.  But, that is all about to change.

One morning, there appeared the “Bubblegum Immigrant”.  Looking for somewhere remote, it stumbles upon this small community, of people who it thinks will welcome a quite different face.  Suddenly, the mood of the village changes, a stranger in town.  Although the Bubblegum Immigrant manages to find a roof, it is the talk of the town, subject of much discussion.  Worried faces look on, afraid of what they not know, or maybe what they don’t understand and neither want to.  Not ready to accept, to embrace, to learn, to love or celebrate.   Grey always wants to remain grey, with no inspiration to merge itself with colours of a different nature.  Must not change, we must enforce, merge the minority, transform it.

Not matter how hard the Bubblegum Immigrant tried, it could not practice its faith, its culture, could not be free, in the end, it had to change, to kneel to the dominant force.  It’s death was swift, leave your history, accept without question and you may survive, but you will never strive.

*Images taken in the front garden



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

One thought on “My Pics with Crazy Thoughts – Bubblegum Immigrant

  1. D this sounds like a movie with a rogue leaf that just wants to be free to do whatever it wants to do. Now my imagination is going rampant with yours lol. Nice.

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