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My Pics with Crazy Thoughts – What’s at the end of the Path?

Day 3 of my pics with associated crazy stories……..

So here I was, standing there, at the foot of The Path.  Whatever they tell you about a bright light, it’s all wrong, you just get “plonked” here.  I look around and can only assume that this countryside like environment means I must have ticked the right boxes.  I don’t see fire, it’s not dark, there are no mysterious noises.  Quite the contrast, lovely sunny weather, I can hear some birds singing, there’s a slight rustle of the leaves.

But I am guessing, assuming…I start walking The Path, there is suddenly activity either side.  On my left, I notice the pleasant memories of my life, times I helped others, received help myself, fun times.  I dare not look to the right, those were not happy times, I was wrong, I was wronged. 

As I continue to walk, I am guessing if the left falls short of what’s on the right, I might be in trouble.  I have frozen now, unable to walk, suddenly I don’t want to know.  What’s at the end of this path? 

*Image taken at Hellingdon Lakes Hotel, Northamptonshire.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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