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My Pics with Crazy Thoughts – The Sword Collector

Day 5 of my pics with associated crazy stories……..

“Do you like it?”. 

It’s a small but rare collection.  Can you believe I used to be so scared of sharp objects.  I never even cut vegetables before but that all changed soon.  It happened just over two years ago. 

I was at a friend’s house warming party, nice, smooth affair and started chatting to some of his friends.  The crowd was young so seeing an older gentleman sitting there seemed odd, but he was my friend’s uncle, from abroad on a short visit. 

Takes a deep breath

I sat next to him and he just stared at me, sometimes tilting his head to the left, then to the right.  “Why are you so scared of sharp objects?” he said.  I was taken back a bit, but I wasn’t going to be sucked in.  “Everyone’s scared of sharp objects aren’t they”, I replied.  His assumption was like a fortune-teller predicting that you were going through a rough time, I mean why else am I consulting you then?

“Well yes, everyone’s scared of sharp objects, but your fear is different.  It’s not fear in as much as fear, but fear of knowing your past, what you were”.  Ok, this was beginning to spook me out loads and I was getting uncomfortable, and he kept going on…

“In your past life, your were the chief swordsmen.  You led an army of skilled soldiers, the year was early 17th Century.  You were responsible for the lives of some very important people, a family actually.  You fought many battles for them, saved many lives, enabled them to spread the Message.  You died while protecting his younger sons, they got away.  You read it now, they all went on to change the course of history , sacrificing themselves so that a mere community of people realised their identity and fought against great tyranny.  You were skilled, very much admired and respected.  They say you would clean your swords all through the night and sleep very little, to watch the shine.  Don’t be afraid, realise your passion”.

Everything after that was a blur but for some strange reason my fear had disappeared.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t start falling in love in kitchen knives all of a sudden, but I couldn’t get that image of the sword out of my mind, who was I?  Two years on, I have travelled most of globe to acquire rare swords for my collection.  Is this the soldier in me?

* Image taken at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK.


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

6 thoughts on “My Pics with Crazy Thoughts – The Sword Collector

  1. Do you know I was reading this post, all into it like it was a mini movie and I was waiting for the next chapter. I really enjoyed this post. But those knives are a little sinister to me. Couldn’t keep those in my house because I might use it lol.

    1. Hey BG, I searched around on your blog but not sure where I was looking…however I am very honoured and appreciate this very wonderful gesture. Such kind comments only future inspire me to keep writing – you set the standards, your posts are fantastic….Thanks again 🙂

  2. Awesome story got to agree with BG I was also waiting for next chapter love this blog.

    @ BG you posted the same comment about an award on my blog but can’t seem to find it on you blog. Thanks again though much appreciated.

    @Apinder I haven’t been blogging in awhile just been reading your posts and have been enjoying all the pictures and stories very refreshing…

    1. Hi Creative, many thanks for your comments, it’s how my crazy mind works at times.

      Blog world’s not the same when you’re not blogging…so get blogging 🙂

  3. I shall return to the blogging world full time soon just work a bit hectic this month so never have enough free time to put my thoughts down.

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