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Q1 of 2011, still on track with your New Year’s Resolutions?

Like so many others, before stepping into 2011 I wrote an article around my New Year’s Aims, as I call them.  I was also fascinated to read what other bloggers had mapped out in terms of their objectives for 2011.  The question is, how are you are “performing” against those resolutions/aims/objectives?

I kept it to three as that’s my capacity and a realistic target: 

1. Develop my business idea this one’s from 2010, I was just too busy to push it but I’ll spend 2011 confirming if it’s hot or not, before someone else cracks it.

Update: I can happily say I am on track to launch in June this year, just need the website to be completed which is planned end of this month and then some advertising.  So can cross this one off when it comes to Q2.

 2. Convert my audio tapes again, from 2010, started in Q1 but failed due to time constraints.  I now have all the bits I need and my plan says I’ll have converted all 300 by end of Q2. 

Update: I have converted a massive 4!  Yep, not great and at one stage I was going to ditch this one.  However, I have Q2 to catch up so there is still some hope.

 3. Convert my VHS This is a new one, all my VHS are bundled in a box at my mum’s.  Again, all tools are in place, my plan says it’s a weekend activity to completed by end of Q3.

Update: I have found a company who will convert these, just in the process of negotiating a suitable price.

So am I pleased with the progress, somewhat.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

5 thoughts on “Q1 of 2011, still on track with your New Year’s Resolutions?

  1. Hello
    I stopped setting my self resolution .. Because I simply never achieve any.. so now my new approach to this is to write what I have achieved at the end of the year in the last page of my Diary .. however this year I started a new ritual. I gave me new Diary to my close friends and asked them to write ( in any page they pick from the diary) something .. any thing .. they can write a joke or a quote , some picked up their birthday page and wrote .. hope to see in my birthday .. now, every day when I pick my diary I look at these pages and sure enough I have a big smile on my face..
    Nice post

    1. Hi Dunia,

      What a great idea! I think people need to move away from the traditional approach to New Years Resolutions as these often get broken before January is even up….we need something more fun, practical and less impactive if we can help it. I like your idea and yes it adds the fun factor, small steps lead to giant strides.

      Thanks for your comments


  2. D, this is just hilarious and cute all at the same time. You still have audio tapes? My mom is currently converting her VHS tapes to CD’s now. And I know this business plan you have will definitely succeed. Keep at it.

    1. Hey BG, my audio tapes have been sitting around for too long, I only kept them because I can’t get hold of some of the tracks off the internet. Also, the artwork on the covers is fantastic so the plan is to arrange them all on a thick A1 card like a collage and frame it, I have found a nice spot for it.

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