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Chapter “the” Quarter

…the previous chapter – pre-notion

Light music plays in the kitchen, it’s my wife’s funky DAB digital radio, it’s a duet, a song which lasts about 3 minutes but manages to encompass the entire worldly feelings of two lovers.  I go to the kitchen first, to get a sip of water; I am feeling a little nervous. 

Once again I stare out to the garden, you see, half our kitchen faces into the garden and has a glass roof and glass walls, it’s something I always wanted, a fantastic feature that simply blows people away.  But we like it best at night, sitting at the dinning table, staring up at the stars, it’s like one giant telescope.  Walking out of the kitchen, I float to the main lounge and venture in.

“Hello” I say.

“Vikram, Vikram, my son”.  That’s my mum, I get a huge hug from her, tight, she get’s emotional, tears in her eyes.  I nearly drop my guard, but I just smile back.

“Mum, so great to see you,  you look different, you’ve lost weight”.  Something’s wrong.

“Hey bro, how are you, wow, so long, I see you have been working out”.  My brother and I shake hands and exchange a tame hug.  My children are ecstatic, clinging to him like he’s a tree.  It’s amazing how kids are so innocent, so easy to forgive and forget.

“It’s so good to see you both, after such a long time” I say.

“You’ve stopped caring altogether, if it wasn’t for my lovely daughter-in-law, your wife, then you would never have wanted to see us”.  She get’s emotional again.  Maybe I am being too hard with this, “loosen up Vikram”, I tell myself.

“Mum, please, relax, have a drink” – I stop her flow of tears.

“It’s so good to see you Vikram, this place is so lovely”.  My mum’s now got a huge grin across her face.

“How far are the other’s Vikram”?

“They should be here within ½ hour Kunal, in the meantime have your drink and we’ll show you and mum around the house”. 

The other’s, they are my extended family, cousins, who I haven’t seen or had any communication with for two years. 

“Your sisters in the States with the family, she won’t be able to attend” my mum informs us. 

“Yes, she got the message to us via our company email address, I don’t think she has our number”  She wouldn’t I tell myself, I never gave it out to anyone.

So why are we all meeting now?  It’s my birthday today, falls on a weekend and my wife thought the moment was right.  There always comes a time when we have to face our demons, our fears, to see if we are ready. 

As my wife does the guided tour of the house, I walk out through the large French doors into the garden, the rain has now stopped and the sun is peeping through the clouds, is this an omen?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

One thought on “Chapter “the” Quarter

  1. If I tell my mom to relax and have a drink she’d look at me like I lost my mind LOL. Why? Because she’d start thinking I started drinking and I’m a lush bow lol. Love this story D.. I love reading this.

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