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Free Range: Doesn’t just have to apply to Animals!

Rest assured, this post is not about Farming or how to best keep your chickens, however the whole notion around Free Range sparked an idea while I was at work.  For a quick definition, Free Range refers to animals that have been allowed to roam free, instead of being contained within a restricted area, thus impacting on their state of mind and welfare.  You can normally spot the various Free Range logo’s on your food items, in turn making you feel happier that the animal was allowed to walk around freely, ponder, think creatively before becoming an item on your plate (I am not a veggie in case you were wondering).  Well I was thinking, maybe we should include a similar logo within our signatures…why you ask?

I am quite fortunate to like what I do, however that does not mean I approve of the company/environment I work within.  When I look over my desk, I see a herd of desks finely ordered within specific teams, like the hens in their restricted area.   However, these people, within their teams, are not just physically restricted, they are also not free to think or offer any creative ideas they may have.  How do I know?  I work closely with most of the teams in my office, to help deliver complex solutions for clients.  Often talking about work and environment, I get the same, most often “down-beat” message, that these people are not being encouraged by the company to expand their horizons.

I was recently reading an article on the top 100 companies in the UK, none of which included the so-called “big-wigs”.  These were small to medium to large sized organisations, and in the No.1 voted company, only 3% of employees earned above £35,000.  The point being that it was voted No.1 because of what it offered to its employees, a fantastic career path, job enrichment, challenging and personal development.

Unfortunately, my organisation as a whole would not be able to bear the Free Range logo, far from it, they just don’t encourage us to roam free and become better people through work, thus enhancing ourselves and the company itself.

Would your workplace bear the Free Range logo? 

How about designing me a Corporate Free Range logo?   What would it look like?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

4 thoughts on “Free Range: Doesn’t just have to apply to Animals!

  1. I am the boss here lol so I can safely say that we would bear the free range logo proudly!

    I love the notion! And I think that the direction the world is going these days, it is very possible that companies will soon begin to incorporate this “free range” type idea… there is so much more research being done into what creates better outputs and results for business and one of them is to encourage employees to take on personal development… it is an awesome idea!

    If I wasnt presently busy with a dream of my own I would certainly take it on to develop a company that outsources its personal development to companies to increase their “free range”ness… Love the idea! Wow! huge potential!

    1. I guess it could take off..hmm..I’ll have to work on a list of indicators against which such an assessment could be carried out, then I’ll need some experts to vet this.

      Well if you find time maybe you can provide some consultancy, or maybe pilot the concept.


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