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A Prayer for the Dead

When I am dead,

Cry for me a little,

Think of me sometimes,

But not too much.

Think of me now and again,

As I was in life,

At some moments it’s pleasant to recall,

But not for long.

Leave me in peace,

And I shall leave you in peace,

And while you live,

Let your thoughts be with the living.

Not sure who to credit this to, it’s by ANON (unknown person).  Came across it in a poetry book I picked up from my local library a few days back. 

It’s the last line for me, that we have to move on and hold onto what’s living, as opposed to always delving into the past, searching for someone who is never going to come back.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

7 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Dead

  1. I remember hearing in church.. sometimes you have to allow the dead to rest in peace and I never understood it until I got older. I understand now. Memories will never leave but they would want you to move on and live like they lived. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hey there,

      Yes it is very touching indeed, it was in a book with a collection of other poems but I kept going back to this one.

      It is, as you say, rather haunting too, but I guess it’s all the memories that haunt you..forever.


  2. It’s haunting and a bit of a creepy too,

    I’ve come to read it quite a few times aswell. There is so much being said in such few lines…. To let go and move on with your life… Ahh if only it were that simple…

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