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A movie quote that will always be your No.1, no matter what!

Ok, so this is not my No.1 quote but might be for a lot of other people, however I am interested in knowing why a particular movie quote is your all time favourite?

Last week TV were showing re-runs of the Godfather trilogy, be it they snipped some scenes out, however it was a nice reminder of just how many good quotes existed in this film, mostly in Part 1.  It also contained my all time favourite quote:

A man who doesn’t spend time with his  family can never be a real man

(Don Corleone to Johnny Fontane)

I remember seeing The Godfather at the tender age of ___ (well I was definitely not 18 at the time) and loving this quote.

Why do I still like it?  Why is it still my No.1?  because it’s still so true and probably bares more significance in this day & age due to all the pressures we are under.  It tells me that your first responsibility is family, always has to be and that by neglecting that role, you are not half the person you could be.

So, what’s your all time favourite quote and why?


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6 thoughts on “A movie quote that will always be your No.1, no matter what!

  1. Cool post! and definitely an awesome quote!
    My favorite is one from a hindi movie:

    “Pyar- Aathma ki par’chaai;
    Isqk- Ishvar ki eebaa’dat;
    Aur Mohobat- Zindagi ki maksat”

    Translation- “Love- Shadow of a Soul;
    Love- The Lords Devotion;
    And Love- Lifes Goal”
    (In Hindi the words for ‘love’ have various connotations in the language)

    Im not sure why its been my favourite quote… I have simply loved it from the time i heard it…

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