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When “Five Knuckle Shuffle” was a bad phrase

*Apologies in advance, this is not supposed to be a distasteful post – if you’re offended, look away now*

This morning I was getting my son ready for school, who was busy playing with his WWE (wrestling thing) action figures.  Amongst the array of crowd noises and commentary he came out with (as you do),  he suddenly shouts “and here comes the five knuckle shuffle”.

“Sorry son, what was that?” I say.  “The Five Knuckle Shuffle dad, it’s a move by John Cena.

I found it hard to hold back my dismay, my laughter, here stood the tale of two languages.  I thought to myself, surely the American masses know what this phrase means?

How can I explain this to my son, I can’t, no way.  Not sure if the above phrase is more “British” then universal, but in effect, The FKS is what the majority of the male population indulge in, predominately during their teens when they have discovered porn in the form of magazines and movies.  As much as I like putting up pictures, I’ll refrain on this account.

I haven’t seen wrestling for a very long time for obvious reasons, but I can just imagine the commentator saying, hold on people, here it comes, The Five knuckle shuffle, and splat, that guy’s been KO’d.

So you understand my dilemma, I know I am going to break into hysterics each time my son re-enacts some insane John Cena move with that phrase in it.

Do you know of any innocent yet naughty phrases?



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