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Were you this Passionate about something as a kid?

A few nights ago, as I was sitting upstairs listening to some music, suddenly there’s this ruffle sound coming from the hallway downstairs.  It would then stop, then start up again, it was as if something was being arranged, re-arranged.  I turned down the music and made my way downstairs, no sound now, no trace of anyone/anything.  I dismissed it!

The next morning, I open the shoe cupboard in the hallway, the top drawer where my shoes are kept only to find this…

So that’s what the noise was last night.  It was my eldest son evicting my shoes, almost dethroning them and replacing it with his, young overtakes old.  I couldn’t help but smile, however what was more unique about this was the actual placement…let me explain.

> Pair on the left – Nike 360’s used for soccer training on Wednesday’s

> Pair in the middle – Adidas F50 Astro’s used for soccer training on Saturday’s

> Pair on the right – Adidas F50 boots personalised with RS 9  used for matches on Sunday’s

What is apparent is how passionate my eldest is about the “tools” he uses for his beloved sport.  It goes the same for his shin-pads, socks and kits, all neatly placed according to training days.

I can never imagine being this passionate about anything as a kid, never neatly stacked my things.

So what did you focus your attention on as a kid? 

Something sacred that needed its own space in the house?


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

10 thoughts on “Were you this Passionate about something as a kid?

  1. Make up! I used to collect old stuff from Mum and others and just keep it in my top drawer. Also had a huge book about make up and practiced on any doll I could find (or Sandy from next doors!)

  2. Wow! What passion for a sport! Congrats on encouraging his passion!

    I used to collect stones! On the way home from school (I walked- was about a block away) I used to pick up all the stones that I found to be pretty… My pockets use to be full of them! And I used to collect the stones that are sometimes found on the beach… It isnt until recently that Ive stoped collecting stones…
    And all the ones that I had collected over the years… My mum threw a bunch out and the rest found nice places in our own garden and pot plants…
    (and now in my room I have a special spot for my gem stones and crystals..)

    Lol.. Cool post!

    1. Hey Shilpa,

      Thanks for sharing this. Your pockets must have been bulging with those stones. What’s nice to know is that you have still kept some and found special places for them.

      Have a great day.

  3. I understand where your son is coming from I do the same thing with my tennis rackets I place then the same way he places his boots…

    1. A budding tennis player I see? I think it’s also a sense of pride in your “tools” as I call them, or maybe just admiration and a sense of enjoyment.

      I used to play snooker a long time back and had 2 cue’s, all sitting on quality wooden boxes with all the bits, one for training and one for matches….oh such a long while back…

      Take care

    1. Hey Kay,

      Yes I remember Walkmans, actually mine only had a forward button on it so when I wanted to listen to a song again, I would flip the audio tape over to the other side, forward it and then flip it back. I still have my audio tapes, around a couple hundred strong.

      On top of that I have boxes full of books but on the look out for suitable (and appealing) book cases…

      Have a good day

    1. Greetings Mental….

      So sorry, I have been very busy at work lately and now currently on holiday with the family, so trying to get to my laptop is difficult, kids have given me their own schedule from which to work from….

      How are things with you?

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