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How a Simple Fold can keep you Organised

My job means a huge proportion of my time chairing face-to-face meetings, conference calls and  workshops related to the projects I am managing.  Naturally, these entail taking down information either for reporting purposes, for progress or pending actions (no I am not a minute taker, that is a tough job, I tried it once in the absence of our Project Officer and failed miserably).

Anyway, take your average week of this and you have pages of notes and actions and has you know, it becomes very difficult somtimes to spot the action amongst the forest of notes, which can mean you miss something vital off.  So I devised a very easy method, appreciate it will be in use by someone somewhere else, I was just too slow to realise.

Fold the page down the middle and separate notes and actions – Bingo, you can pick the actions off because they are on the right hand side, now nothing get’s missed.

Now here’s the best bit, today, I walked over to our PMO (Project Management Office) and guess what, two of my colleagues now employ the same method as me, they told me they liked the idea and works for them.  I have now contributed something to the world, I have a legacy, my life is not a waste!

How do you organise yourself?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

9 thoughts on “How a Simple Fold can keep you Organised

  1. i remember we used to apply this method in primary school for spelling and meanings etc… and the habit has carried on through the years… it’s now just a habit to half your page when you open your diary or notebook…

    great to know there is someone out there just as smart as me! 🙂

  2. I organize by simply using anything that will keep me organized lol. Trust me.. it can be difficult when you don’t have much time in the day.. but I find using inexpensive plastic storage boxes or even paper filers help me a great deal

    1. Hey Kay,

      Don’t tell me, do you have a labelling machine to accompany the plastic storage boxes? A majority of my plastic storage boxes are used to house kids old clothes which are in good condition, useful for later arrivals in the family elsewhere.

      For work, I am organised mostly in my head, which makes me a total liability 🙂

      Have a great day

    1. Tried sticky notes, they just ended up being tea/coffee mats or used as a backup to tissues when I dropped liquid from my mug.

      Now dictaphone is a good idea, but I can see my clients thinking, this guy must be collecting evidence on us which could be used in a court of law. On the point of dictaphone’s I am at present looking to use this method to interview certain members in my family, to capture historical knowledge before it gets washed away.

      BTW, interesting email address….


  3. Sticky notes do have a multitude of uses… Which I see you’ve discovered 😛

    Dictaphone is my fav… You can get some really discreet ones …. My attention span is of about 5 seconds… So dictaphone is great for lectures and those borings meetings… It’s great you later just fast forward the boring bits 🙂

    You should use it for family get togethers… Just leave it lying around… Amazing what it will pick up 😛 lol
    Yeah the email addy …. Speaks volumes 🙂

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