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7 things I learnt about my visit to Shankin, Isle of Wight

Greetings folks, I spent the Bank holiday weekend (+ a few more days) visiting the Isle of Wight (IOW), staying in a village called Shanklin.  With the IOW being such a small Island, we actively ventured to different towns while making the most of where we were staying.  So with small notepad and pencil in hand, I made a short of things I learnt about my visit.

View from our hotel

1. The Isle of Wight and in particular Shanklin, holds some spectacular views

Our Daily Stroll












2. The Houses in and around Shanklin are just so beautiful

Thatched Roof house










3. Life is so much more laid back in the Island

4. The sleepy town of Shanklin so much resembles the location of where The Lost Boys was shot.  I am actually sure it harbours a small group of local vampires.

Sandy Beach with Shops

5. Derek Sandy rocks











6. I could so easily retire to the IOW

7. Our youngest son continuously mimicked the “tabla” on the dining table, at breakfast, lunch and evening meal time.  He just doesn’t listen!

So when choosing your next short/long break destination, do consider IOW as an option.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

11 thoughts on “7 things I learnt about my visit to Shankin, Isle of Wight

    1. Hey there mate, yes definitely put this in your diary to visit, you will not ne disappointed. Actually might see you in India next year, we are there for my cousins wedding, he’s a party animal so its going to be one trip.

      1. you are right… we usually end up in Dubai, saudia, Pakistan or we take a trip to Europe… its been ages since we took a holiday in the uk

        just need to find someone to holiday with now 😛

      2. Dubai is a lovely place, I would like to go, travelling there during school holidays is very expensive, but it’s on my lists for a visit.

        I thought you already had company to travel with, your nieces and nephews 🙂

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