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One of the Best Weddings I ever attended

Now this is an assumption:  I guess most of us judge weddings by their very glitzy nature, the decoration, variety of food and entertainment.  So, the bigger the occasion, the better it will be?  Ok, not quite.

Last month I attended a family wedding within the local area where I live.  The morning ceremony went very well and around 2pm all the guests started making their way to the location where the reception was to be held.

As we were from the Bride’s side, it was our role to ensure all guests were looked after in the reception area, drinks made available while the main hall was being setup.  Only one problem, the caterers and hall decorators hadn’t turned up yet as they were stuck on the London M25 motorway due to an early morning car pile up.

Picture the situation, 300 -strong hungry guests, no food, reception hall not ready, nowhere to sit

So we kept rolling on the drinks, keeping everyone smiling while not letting on what had occurred.  At 3pm the caterers and hall decorators arrive, with a mammoth task of decorating 30 large round tables from the ground up and the area where the bride and groom are going to be seated.

Then comes the Master Plan > Close family members and friends are asked to make their way to the main reception hall and together, we take off our jackets, roll up our sleeves and starting helping with decorating and setting up the hall.  So, we got uncles, aunts, friends, sisters, brothers and kids.  I guess the best sight of all was the groom’s family, all tucking in.  Soon the DJ realises what’s going and next thing you know, we have Eye of the Tiger blasting on the speakers, every single person (about 40 of us) picks up their game. Running, sliding, adjusting the cutlery, throwing chair covers across the hall, blowing up the balloons, getting menu cards on the table, you name it, start to finish.

40 minutes later, the hall is ready, as we all finish, a loud round of applause rings itself around the hall, wow, that was a real buzz, a great sense of achievement, team work at it’s best, everyone tucking in.

When the hall was fully populated with guests eating, drinking and simply enjoying themselves, there was a sense of pride amongst us, hell we could open up our own Wedding SOS company here.

I’ve been to weddings where I’ve come, sat, ate, admired and gone back home.  This wedding experience was different, I participated when it mattered and together with friends and family we brought a smile back on the faces of the lucky bride and groom.

So here’s to the SOS team, you know who you are.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

5 thoughts on “One of the Best Weddings I ever attended

    1. Hi,

      As much as it was a buzz I do feel sorry for the bride and groom, although we got things up and running, this stays with you forever and I guess when ever they attend any future weddings, this mis-hap will always come back into their mind.

      My Motto: Keep weddings simple, personal, small. No point in spending all that money just for a “pat on the back”.

      Have a good day

  1. I think it’s crazy the amount of money that is being spent on weddings these days… my opinion is keep it small and simple.. the money you would’ve spent give it to the kids to buy a house or set up a business to make their future life together a little bit easier and less stressful… so much is spent on the big day… and for one day its madness.. and nothing is left for after…

    I helped organise a wedding once… and honestly on the day one let down was like a domino effect… but like you we managed to save the day by all rallying together… and all went well.. i was asked again recently to help organise another one and my answer was a straight noooooooooooo…. never again! too stress full…

    I think the bride and groom will also remember how well everyone came together in proper family/community spirit to help out… shows a lot of love.. 🙂

  2. A similar situation just happened to me and my groom. I must admit I’ve been feeling sad when I look back on that day, but now after reading this I see the positive side of things. Our family and friends didn’t put us down, but jumped to help wherever they could. That really was awesome.

    1. Hey there, firstly Thanks for your comments.

      Sorry to hear things didn’t go to plan on your Big Day, but you’re right, the most important thing is that the family supported you and helped you out. It’s just one of those things you cannot predict, just don’t know how the day will pan out no matter how hard to try to plan it.

      Have a nice day.

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