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The Tie – time for it to die?

Before you say it, I am not anti-tie, well….  I was one of those pupils who took absolute pride in my school uniform, my tie was a symbol of truth and justice, the knot nestled itself right under my shirt.  My school tie made it all the way down to my waist, you will be lucky if today’s school ties even make it past the 3rd button on their shirt.  Is the tie  just an extension of the shirt?  Do we still need it?

In the last two years, I can only recall wearing a tie once, if that.  Earlier this    week, a colleague of mine in the office wore a shirt and tie that were exactly the same colour.  I thought to myself; why you wearing a tie that no-one can see?  Actually, why are you wearing a tie at all?

If I am beginning to sound mean, then apologies for this.  The tie today is still worn at so many places of work and at various events.  But what signalled the end of the tie for me was that I no longer wore it to special events like weddings.  Back in the days, you were looked upon if you turned up to a wedding without a tie on, I mean it was the morning hustle around the house trying to find a tie that matched your shirt and also your suit.

Has the tie lost it’s place in the fabric of our society?  Will ties become folklore conversations we tell to our grandchildren?

I remember suit shopping for my wedding in London many moons ago and spending at least ½ a day in Thomas Pink matching a tie with a shirt.  Sadly, those days are far behind me. Now friends, my advice is to invest in a high-quality shirt to match that outfit, ditch the tie.  If you are a “compulsive food dropper while eating”, then I suggest you carry a tie in your pocket to hide the stain, only to be used in an emergency.

As I end this post, I would like to dedicate it to the vast array of ties that have accompanied us on many occasions.  Do you have any ties still locked away?  When was the last time you wore a tie?  Here’s an interesting article you may like.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

11 thoughts on “The Tie – time for it to die?

  1. only time i wore a tie was to school and even then i never gave it much thought as it was part of the silly uniform… if we bunked off school the first thing we did was ditch the tie, otherwise it was easy to tell which school we were from 😛

    I think a guy looks really smart in a suit tie.. and more professional at work… i still help my brother pick his ties and he’s hopeless and i always say to him if your shirt is not right..the tie wont look right either … its a combination.. you need to combine… he rolls his eyes and tells me i’m a pain in the backside.. my bhabhi (god bless her soul) would get exasperated too..

    I caught my friend wearing a pink shirt and and purple tie to work.. and he works for the city council… i had bumped into him on the way to work and i told him off.. ” how do you expect to be taken seriously in that… get home and change”.. he told his wife.. i was a tyrant and pitied any guy i married.. i told her to tell him.. “at least he will be well dressed!” men can be such bitches… 😛

    So to you and all the guys out there.. dont get rid.. keep wearing them because they look really good.. if worn properly.. oh and please.. let your sister or wife choose them.. they will do a better job.. 🙂

    I think the best tie I ever bought for someone was pure silk with love hearts on it.. and yeah he did wear it.. with a lovely silk shirt that i bought too.. 🙂

    1. A very comprehensive response which was looking good until the last paragraph re: your purchase of a silky tie and shirt, how could you? Almost sounds like a crime, brave chap who went along and put it on 🙂

      1. he had no choice.. plus only so many can pull that look off and he did it with great charm and charisma… he loved me .. does that explain it to you 😛

  2. I think a tie is really sexy. Not with the school kids but on a man…wow. Its like for giys looking at women in full indian entire. It just makes the complete package. If a man doesnt have the tie but a good fitting suit with the yop button open then yes it works…but ohhh the tie. So long live the tie I say…especially the pink ones!! :O)

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