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Top 10 game shows I always wanted to be on

Last night we happened to catch an old re-run of Blockbusters, did that bring back some memories. It’s not so much the 80’s fashion but the flashing interlocking hexagons. My wife commented that she always wanted to go onto that show and thus began a conversation around what other game shows we had the urge to appear on. So, in true style, here’s my Top 10 – what are your Top 10?

1. Gladiators – beating the Wolf was always the main motivation on this one.

2.  The Crystal MazeRichard O’Brien was one mean dude and his puzzles in each of the civilisations was a challenge worth attempting.   Always wondered what happened to you if you got locked.

3. Blind Date –Ok so I was heartbroken when I found out that contestants got the questions before the show as opposed to answering them on the spot, but still loved it.  Go Cilla!

4. Whose Line Is It Anyway?  – Witty, clever, I also had a crush on Josie Lawrence back then.

5. A Question of Sport – As I loved sport in general, what better way but to test your knowledge here?

6. Blankety Blank –  Oh how funny was Les Dawson!  Most of my blanks would have been too rude to be shown on TV.

7. Catchphrase – Say what you see!  I can guess Mr. Chips the golden robot saying “how many times do I need repeat this before you guess it!”

8. Countdown – Ok so it wasn’t all about being in the presence of Carol Vorderman, I almost always got the sums right but hardly the Conundrum.  A lot of respect to the late Richard Whiteley the host.

9. Blockbusters – “B please Bob”. So you may have guessed the theme that I like quiz shows.

10. Family Fortunes – At the time we only had 3 family members good enough to a) be on TV; b) answer the questions. 

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 game shows I always wanted to be on

  1. Oh my, you brought back such memories. After Saved By The Bell on Saturdays, I used to watch Gladiator and go wild lol. I loved that. I also loved Family Fued but that still comes on. I also loved Whose Line is it Anyway, I would die of laughter all the time. I love this post

  2. I love game shows but I hate the adverts… Thank god for sky plus. Family fortunes is great… But my sisters are too ugly to take on.. ( they’re gonna kill me!!) Some of these I’ve never seen…

    But I like watching deal or no deal.. Not really a quiz show… And golden balls.

    Countdown is good if you play along. 🙂

    1. Ok I guess I am showing my age with regards to some of those gameshows, damn the mid 30’s.

      Love your comment about your sisters – I think I would choose brains over beauty any day though. You could get their help to win the holiday and money, doesn’t mean you need to take them with you 🙂


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