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What Bollywood needs is another Spaghetti Western

Here’s a typical line from Bollywood film directors: this film has a bit of romance, some fighting, boy meets girl and they fall in love, you see, something quite unique.

Well in the last so many years, on the whole, there hasn’t been too much in the way of uniqueness.  Bollywood just doesn’t seem bold and brave enough to change the angle a little.  When was the last a Spaghetti Western Bollywood movie hit our screens?  Are audiences no longer interested in a different genre of movie, just actors and actresses revealing almost all while neglecting their acting skills?  I think it’s time for a shake-up and Bollywood directors need to look back at those classic horse-riding and gun slinging movies that wowed audiences up and down the world.Let me take this opportunity to mention three of my favourite Bollywood Spaghetti Westerns.

At Number 3 – Joshilay  – mouth watering cast of Sunny Deol, Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Meenakshi Sheshadri

At Number 2 – Khuda Gawah  – mouth watering cast of Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi (in a dual role), Akkineni Nagarjuna, Shilpa Shirodkar and Danny Denzongpa

At Number 1 – Sholay  – The Mother of all Bollywood Spaghetti Western movies.  With a mouth watering and all powerful cast of Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri and Amjad Khan

Note: Not to worry, this blog is not turning into Bollywood, it’s just what order the ideas come flooding into my mind.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

16 thoughts on “What Bollywood needs is another Spaghetti Western

  1. Mate, awesome point(s) made here, and a good choice of movies too. I find that only some directors have the energy and confidence to challenge the norm of society. Recent movie which I watched (and for which I am currently writing my review on for my blog) was movie by Aamir Khan called Dhobi Ghat. I’m not sure what it was but this movie just has a simple but different angle on bollywood, one which is rarely seen.

    I think with the up-coming fusion between Bollywood and Hollywood we will start to see movies which not only keep alive the indian spark but also make room for new ideas, new understandings and new challenges to come into the cinema.

    I have tried convincing few people I know in this area to make a blare witch project remake but a bollywood touch to it, but no one will have it. I guess I just need to save up and do it myself 😉

    1. Hey there mate,

      A Bollywood remake of Blair Witch Project would certainly get the audiences coming through the gates just to be nosey.

      Let’s just hope the up coming movies have some good substance and great storylines. I am also getting a little tired of dance sequences involving 50 dancers and scenes where the actor/actress dream of a whole dance scene.

      Have fun directing

      1. You see, using British Asians in making a similar film project is what our society needs as a moral boost, I find it that when ever a British Asian Film is made in the UK, its makes me more attractive to see it. But there is not enough of these films coming through yet – and I can’t pin point what the problem is?

      2. Hi TBAB,

        I think the problem is that it may work in UK and Europe, but that 1 billion audience in India probably carries more of the cash. How ironic that most of the shooting for Bollywood movies takes place outside of the India, for their own audiences.

        I recently saw a Bollywood movie shot in Southall, “Patiala House”, if you want to waste 2 hrs go watch it, I think the movie was dreadful with very poor acting, even though some parts of the idea around the film was not too bad. The thing to look out for is how the kids of the family have been “dressed up”, every stereotypical of UK kids, but doesn’t quite work.


  2. I think recently Hollywood has successfully managed to do some remakes of some Hollywood films… But they’ve not been reiceived that well because of their adult content. Murder was one of them and Train was another one. There are a few others but can’t remember the names.

    I think they do play it safe but the other problem is that the audience is also too set in its ways. A bollywood film has to have certain things to make it work.

    Good looking actors.
    Chotay chotay kapray

    And what you don’t need is…

    A story line

    That’s the jist of it.

    If people want westerns sci fi etc they just turn to Hollywood. They have the best of both worlds.

    Loved your choice of videos… You have good taste… 🙂

    1. I totally agree, sadly the large majority of audiences in India need a cetain dream world into which to escape too, so you can’t blame the directors. I guess all you can hope for is a small set of directors whose movies are aimed more at the world audiences, more “World Cinema” as then we can get mentions at the Academy Awards more often.

      Yes these are firm favourites of mine.


      1. There are good actors in India.. Hollywood wants them.. for some reason they wont go.. i always thought maybe it’s because of the sex scenes they will be expected to do.. 😛 but having said that.. only a few have gone.. why?

        I don’t think you really need much change in the cinema industry.. people love those films just as they are.. well a majority of them do anyway and the actors are making plenty of money..

        also directors will only cater to a market that’s out there.. you will not cater for something that isn’t there… you really need to wait for that market to come into existence before they will start making movies for it…

  3. I think bollywood has not got high standards to meet, especially after movies such as Gajani, 3 Idiots, Dabang and similar movies have raised the standards. Directors need to take a bit more risk in making movies different from the norm – this means new faces and new ideas. I can’t imagine Salman Khan making a movie about college students or something like a classic Cast Away. Neither can I imagine him make a movie like Heat or Scare face. What Bollywood needs is new ideas attached to new faces.

    I think Hollywood, although popular around the world, do feel the pressure from Bollywood, thats why Fox entertainments is heavily involved in Bollywood – movies such as Love Aaj Kal, and so forth have fox entertainment influence.

    1. I think Bollywood needs to take actors and actresses out of their usual “mode” of acting. For example, you could have Salman Khan in 4 different movies, 4 different stories, but he will always have the same wardrobe, look and feel and almost certainly rip his shirt off in each of those movies.

      Now compare that to 4 different movies made by Matt Damon, (Good Will Hunting, The Departed, Stuck on You, Margaret) and you may not be able to compare any one acting performance to the other.

      Take those actors/actresses out of their comfort zone and give them something challenging.


      1. may i add.. that no one wants to watch salman khan with his shirt on.. he cant act .. he himself says he hates having dialogues in movies… so he is otherwise rather boring to watch.. 😛

        foot note: i dont like him.. 😛

  4. sholay changed the direction of indian movies. this movie is regarded as the one that really made salim-javed stand out. i don’t have a clue from the past, but i think this is the very movie, that truly gave writers a well deserved recognition. it is not just the star cast, songs and a big banner, what a movie really needs is a good story. and “the good story” quotient is really missing nowadays. all i see today from 3 idiots is a typical college love stories. 3 idiots was good though. but all we have afterwards is the same flavor. if in the recent ones, my most favorites are lootera,ramleela,OMG,chennai express ( this really highlighted the problems that arise due to multiple languages in a funny way )
    now going back, khuda gawah was a great piece of art. then comes in my list is saahib biwi aur ghulam, woh kaun thi, chaudhavin ka chaand, boot polish, muqaddar ka sikander, angoor,heena and the list is endless i suppose…… 😉

    1. Sholay indeed was a master class in directing and acting, everything about it was Iconic and you just knew from the first few scenes and lines that this was going to remain in our hearts and minds for all the years to come. Bollywood went from a “World Cinema” stance to a more globalised product hence the majority of movies these days are flakey. I am sure in 30yrs time when today’s actors look back at the Cheesy movies they made today, then they may feel a little embarrassed. The problem is a majority of actors don’t like working outside of their comfort zone – there are only a few that have…Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, the late Samita Patel, Shabana Azmim (had the pleasure of meeting her last yr) and Tabu (my fav). But on the flip side I appreciate that India is making films for their mass market, it’s their bread and butter. The most freshest movie I have recently seen is “luv shuv tey chicken khurana”, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a must.
      Take Care.

      1. I agree so much here. Along with actors, we need a good story too. I forgot to mention prior, a Wednesday, vicky donor, queen were worth watching.
        Naseer sahab is my fav and tabu also. I haven’t seen any other actress in today’s time who could match her excellence. All that bollywood needs today is size zero, pretty face and boldness to shed off.if anyone i have found closer to tabu is vidya balan. Every movie of hers has actually made her step forward. The pace might not be that fast but the effort is appreciable.

      2. Spot on. Vidya is a great example and she has challenged herself in every movie. She was very brave when she did Dirty Picture and the fact she does give a hoop about her weight I find even more credible, that you don’t have to be a sheep to make it in the industry. Vicky Donor, great shout. Excellent storyline and sound track. I am turning back into my movie buff days here.

      3. I think we in India need to get out of the “perfect quotient” of body, looks, face, poise,etc,etc… Cz a person who may have none of these can do justice to any role if done with pure heart and honesty. Another film in my wish list is “zor lagaake haishaa”, though a typical look n style of the 90s am up for this…
        Well am a big movie buff. Good story, good direction and a well acted stuff really pleases me. 😀

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