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Our Fridge at home – Promotor and Organiser

“Look at my picture papa, I did this at nursery, it’s got pasta on it”Like a good parent, I proceeded with adding this collection onto our fridge, so as a family we could admire the marvel at our youngest son’s latest creation.  What struck me was that we were now experiencing difficulty in finding suitable space on our fridge.  Fridge space represents a community for our kids artwork (they refer to it as self-promotion) and also school and sports charts for us both to organise ourselves better. So here’s what we’ve got on our feature wall fridge at present:

1. The latest edition to the Fridge Family, with the pasta shells neatly stuck on.

2. Meal planner from school for our eldest child, still have to check on a daily basis with him with regards to what he wants, even though it’s the same choice.

3. Self-promotion me.  Flyer for our football parties business.

4. Soccer fixtures list for 2011/2012 for our eldest child.

5. Collection of spare fridge magnets, currently on holiday, awaiting any new arrivals.

6. Magnet alphabet letters, our youngest stuck these on, without any prior notification.  That’s under review.

7. Netball fixtures list 2011/12 for my wife

8. More squiggly artwork from our youngest with the added incentive of a 2011 calendar, comes in very good use.

So there you have it, what’s on your fridge?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

6 thoughts on “Our Fridge at home – Promotor and Organiser

  1. restaurant and take-away flyers and magents from around the world – says it all really doesn’t it?
    Oh and a picture Rajan drew for us when we first moved in to the house!

  2. I too have a rather varied collection of art work (if you could call it that) of snow men, rain dear and other beautiful winter scenes on our fridge, can you see the theme?… the next three months are going to be very long indeed.

    I’m quite sure the nurseries know what they are doing, when they decide to sit twenty children down to glue food products and other random items to sheets of coloured paper, they must surely know that this stuff will end up plastered over the homes of the poor parents.

    Does it make me a bad parent to bin the creations (sorry, Art Work) that get the least amount of attention from our little one, or should I continue to wall paper my house with this stuff…..?

    At least she hasn’t discovered anything bigger than A4… 

    1. Hi Adam,

      My advice on this one is store away kids artwork but maybe showcase their top 3 peices of work, so they know you made the effort, believe me, kids always know.

      Thanks for stopping by

  3. Your fridge looks nice and colourful compared to just the usual boring plain doors… ( unless you have a high gloss black one like ours where you can see your reflection and it makes you like look size 0 😛 )

    if fridge is full i suggest the cork notice boards or the magnetic ones you can even overlap stuff on them which is great if you’re limited for space…

    also my bhabhi ( god rest her soul ) got some files with the see through poly pockets and filed lots of the kids art work in there… saves you from having that awful guilt trip of binning them… kids are older and love looking through them sometimes.. great memories as our bhabhi is no longer with us anymore…

    those files are also great for putting stuff in and keeping close at hand to quickly look through and keeping track of kids and what is going in their schools etc… i have one in the kitchen as i have 4 nieces and nephews… when they bring home a letter i file it there and have easy access to it…

    1. Hey Aneesa,

      Yes the fridge looks colourful, although tell the truth I like it like that.

      Thanks for the ideas, I have these huge A2 folders in the loft which contain all school work for the kids, I still have my old school books in my mum’s loft and all the short stories that I wrote.

      *Sorry to hear about your Bhabhi Ji*

  4. I find the kids love going through their parents kiddies stuff… perhaps it would be something to do in those xmas holidays when they are bored and stuck indoors.

    Thanks.. she was an amazing person… miss her dearly..

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