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Farewell My Friend – Keep Singing

I remember the first time we met.

It was the 08:10 train to Cannon Street and I was a newbie joining the London rush,

I spotted a friend on the train sitting with you,

That’s when I first noticed your black briefcase, used as a makeshift table for playing cards.

At first I was embarrassed to join, aware of commuters eyes peering down.

I remember your first words, “Kaka (baby), come play Bhabi with us”.  You had a certain charm, a golden smile.

Three years passed, we boarded the same train, settled in our carriage, out came the briefcase and the playing cards.

I remember one morning, we made a pact, “let’s not play any cards, let’s talk”, you said.

Ten minutes into our journey, no one had spoken a word, I recall that chap from Chase Manhattan saying, “no cards today boys”?  Out came your briefcase and playing cards, that experiment didn’t work.

I remember sitting in your car one evening, we sang some old Bollywood classics, you could sing, there was no doubt about that.

There was this smile on your face, hence why I couldn’t ever take you seriously.  You were the centre of attention, you loved it, but we loved it too, we were all glued to you, it was addictive.

You sang at my wedding, I remember that, we were all mesmerised, I Thank You for that.

Years passed and we lost contact.  I heard things, sad things.  Bumping into you last year was great, you still had that smile.  Bumping into you in April this year was great, but that smile had vanished, you looked different my friend.

I came to see you last week, but we were late for visiting time.  I don’t suppose you would have noticed, I was told there were machines keeping you alive.

I didn’t come back to see you, I had an image of you in my head and I wanted to keep it that way.  You know, that charming smile of yours.

This morning, I got the call, that you had cheated us and gone somewhere far.

I have mixed emotions because of your lifestyle, but you were truly a good man.  You will be missed my friend.

A post dedicated to a dear friend, who today passed away at the tender age of 43.  I have so many fond memories, it was a pleasure knowing you.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

3 thoughts on “Farewell My Friend – Keep Singing

  1. I have tears in my eyes because it’s not been long you said goodbye to someone else.

    How life teaches us and shows us that even the good people at heart won’t be spared from this brutal world and what it offers.

    Hope you are bearing up… We’re here for you.

    To Him we belong… And to him we shall return.

    1. Although we were expecting it, it came as a shock no doubt. We lost contact for a while but he gave us all some very nice memories to treasure, he was really one of a kind in terms of personality. We were just saying last night, I know he would had no regrets in life and that he definatly had the last laugh.

      Many Thanks for your kind comments.

      Have a nice day

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