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New Thundercats aired this weekend, am I the only one excited?

“Sword Of Omens, give me sight BEYOND sight”

My son and I were flicking through the sky channels Saturday morning when to our surprise we spotted Thundercats being aired on Cartoon Network HD later in the evening.  I couldn’t describe my feelings at that moment, maybe overwhelmed, but the next action was to hit the RECORD button on the sky remote and watch it later.

This new-look Thundercats took you back to the beginning, when Lion-O was just a mere cub and some of the characters still being introduced.

I even saw Grune in this first episode and if my memory serves me correctly, the last time I saw him was in the episode The Ghost Warrior, when he had a one-on-one with Jaga and had his butt kicked.  I also recall Grune was stripped of his Thundercat title because he acted against the very code of Thundera, so you already know where that is heading.

I like the look of the new Thundercats but looking around on the web, it’s been getting some negative comments because of the new-look.  Don’t get me wrong, I watched nearly every episode of the Thundercats during the 80’s, but I am always open to new visuals and hopefully this will appeal to kids today as much as it appealed to me when I was growing up, well my son can validate that.

So, in keeping with the spirit, here are some images of the old and new Thundercats.  Enjoy!

The Old Team
The new-look Team

 Images Thanks to following links: Thundercat Logo, Old Team, New Team


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8 thoughts on “New Thundercats aired this weekend, am I the only one excited?

    1. Hey Kay.

      Kid you not, it’s back indeed. It was always a tussle between Thundercats and Dungeons & Dragons, both incredible cartoons. Look on the web, they refer to it as Thundercats 2011.

    1. I always get excited when something gives me a reminder from my youth, I am one big kid inside and will always be like that. Not sure why a few people gave it a thumbs down but they really need to get out of the 80’s, things do move on.

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