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An inflammation, Funeral and broken laptop

The  say when a period of “grey” comes, it comes in three’s.

Apologies fellow bloggers for the lack of activity (posts and comments).

An inflammation in my left foot earlier this week kept me armchair bound, it’s the worst pain I have ever had | I hobbled with grief at my friends funeral earlier in the week too | My laptop died on me the same day as the above two occurences.

Normal service to resume from Monday.

Have a Great Weekend – another dose of Thundercats today 🙂



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

4 thoughts on “An inflammation, Funeral and broken laptop

  1. I know it’s the Thundercats that keeps you going and makes you never give up hope 😛

    Actually jokes aside.. sorry to hear about the funeral… must have been tough for you…

    But they those grey periods comes in 3’s … so you may never know… perhaps thats it over and done with and there will be no more bad news…

    You got a new laptop then? My comp crashed on me a few weeks back.. proper nightmare… I got a knew one.. but lost so much stuff that I should have been saving elsewhere… a very expensive and valuable lesson i learned there…

    1. Hi Aneesa,

      Laptop is being re-built so will have use of it from sometime today. Fingers crossed no more bad news, however these things work “hand-in-hand” and you have to have an appreciation for both.

      Not backing up your files is a cardinal sin, information is so much more important to us now then it ever was before.

      Should be back in the swing of things later today.

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