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NaNoWrMo – Day 2 and I am some 3000 words short….Oops!

I did kick-start some writing yesterday but last night just did not feel so well to continue, hence I find myself in their scenario, playing catch up!

I visited this morning and was pleased to see other bloggers who had reached exceptional milestones such as 10,000, even 17,000 words already, well done, keep going.

Will I make 50,000 by end of this month, I don’t think so, but I am not going to panic, going to pace myself but maybe give myself a new target date, end of this year?

Below is 250 words of sheer excitement, “Chapter 1”

I was too young then, probably eight, I think, when my elder brother Raul walked into my bedroom crying his eyes out.   I was having a late afternoon nap but the noise downstairs woke me up that very instance my brother walked in.  He was shaking his head, I couldn’t understand but all I know is he gave me a tight cuddle, held me in his arms and it made me cry out of sheer fright.

I could feel his heart pounding; he picked me up and took me downstairs, my elder sister was there too, crying.  He picked her up too and we sat in the corner, quiet.  When I looked around at the crying faces, only then I realised that we had lost something very special.  I then looked up at my brother and there was a look of determination on his face, yet his shoulders suddenly felt heavy, burdened, he was accountable for three lives now.

It always dawned on me how hard it must have been for him, to walk those steps up to the bedroom, to be thinking in his head how to break the news, to try to predict what my reaction would be.  With every step his heart must have sunk further and further, his legs becoming heavy, like the lead in his shoes was gradually increasing.  He’s done the family proud, rode the fierce waves of life and protected us from the elements like a strong ship.  But what do we do now?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

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