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Blogging: “Graffiti with Punctuation”

Ok, before you pounce on me for this statement, it’s not from me….

I was listening to the radio this morning and they had a panel of people discussing a sensitive subject.  The panel was made up of people from different backgrounds, industries.  During a heated debate, the radio presenter introduced a guy and said:

This chap has written many reports and is an active blogger on the subject

In response, one of the panel members, who I think had a job in the government,  commented:

Blogging, that’s Graffiti with Punctuation

That comment certainly made me chuckle and I was offended, being a blogger myself.  There’s nothing wrong with Graffiti or Blogging for that matter, my personal opinion.

A majority of bloggers take their blogs very seriously, no matter what type of content they are producing, however it made me wonder about the different reasons why we blog.  I blog because I like writing, I am a baby in the writing world, but hoping that a committment to a blog will help me develop my writing skills.

Interested to hear from other bloggers, why do you blog? 



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

6 thoughts on “Blogging: “Graffiti with Punctuation”

  1. Glad I subscribed so now I get to keep up!!

    Right then graffiti with punctuation??! Complete load of b******!!!!

    It’s a platform for free speech where you are not tied down to conforming and regurgitating. Blogging is a personal journey for me. It’s A) a way of interacting with my fans and ex-listeners and B) a way of giving people a forum to give their honest opinions. I think as I’ve gone along my writing skills have improved. But as a radio presenter I am finding it difficult to find a station or a show to express myself. And this is ideal. I found in radio I wasn’t able to express myself as an individual as I had to stick to a format. And now I get to be me as me and I love it. Also I guilty of using it as a platform to showcase my talents and skills and most importantly my personal opinions without someone butting in and saying you can’t say that!!

    Btw which radio station was it? Interesting stuff.

    1. Hey there Missy, Thanks for your comments.

      I have realised blogging is a very personal thing and bloggers should and do take a lot of pride in what they post. It is free speech and everyone should have the right to it, although certain rules may apply. If you want to get your voice across then blogging is perfect, it helps you build up an audience and also feed off other bloggers and learn new things.

      Radio station – Radio 5Live with Nicky Campbell.

  2. People lump every person with a website into a blogger who rants and rave about nothing. That simply isn’t true and it takes a small minded person to make that statement. Sadly enough, they are a lot of small minded people out there D lol. As we know, graffiti is known as a art form and many companies are using the hottest graffiti artist to market their products. So if blogging is similar to graffiti than we’re in good damn company 🙂

    1. Agree. Blogging is about freedom of expression and so people shouldn’t be judged on content, it’s their choice and it’s their writing style. I think this sounds more like a person who hasn’t himself entertained the blogging world and out of insecurity paints everyone with the same brush.

      Yes graffiti is an art form and shows a wonderful array of style, colour and emotions.

      Have a great day Kay.

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