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Muddy Boots – A Sign Winter is Here

There are various signs that tell you winter is here, like the heavy dew in the air, the snappy chill embracing every inch of your body and giving you an early reminder of things to come.  For me, it’s the thick mushy mud clambering to my football boots, cementing itself to each individual stud and making my feet feel heavy.

My car mats will never be the same, my pathway and hallway floor will now leave small trails of chunky mud, Oh Winter!

What signalled the beginning of Winter for you?



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

8 thoughts on “Muddy Boots – A Sign Winter is Here

    1. There is something about the Winter that I like, even though last years snowfall in the UK brought the country to a halt, I loved it, being out there in my snow boots and digging away the snow. Helping my neighbours push cars up the street because they got stuck, although not too good for the back I tell you. I have to say, I am more an autunm/winter person, not to “hot” for the summer.

  1. For me winter is here when my feet are constantly cold, my car sounds like a dying dinosaur in the morning and the dirt caked on my car from the heavy dew and smog on my car.

    I hate winter 😥

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