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Smart Phones – They Will Destroy Us!

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I was travelling to London this week and noticed a large percentage of people walking around with their heads down.  At first I thought maybe London had been struck down by some neck virus and that people were unable to lift their heads up, even to talk.  Then, to my utter dismay, I realised that they were peering into their smart phones, silly me!

I was always taught to make eye contact when talking to someone, ever tried making a conversation with a person while he is playing a game?  My response would be two words, not suited for a Friday.

We have a new threat!

World Domination in Progress


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

15 thoughts on “Smart Phones – They Will Destroy Us!

  1. Lol! Potato you have a quite a sense of humor. ‘The Dark One’ (aka me) approves. I love my smart phone, but I don’t use it as often as other people. It’s rude to look at your phone when someone is talking to you. Phones probably will take over the world.

    1. In the famous words of Roy Walker (Catchphrase), “say what you see”.

      You are right, they will take over the world, more importantly over people’s lives. I have witnessed a couple at dinner respectively playing their smart phones, what’s all that about? I must admit I was a little over the top when I got my smart phone but I soon realised what an annoying person I had become (on top of my normal annoyance). Anyway, the future looks bleak, more people walking around like zombies.

  2. I can second you on this. Ironically I have been thinking about the same thing. A few months back, I was speaking to a friend who (within a conversation) said something that struck me. Which was “smart phone and communication apps simply take us further apart from real interactions”.

    Since the introduction of smart phones, humans have simply less attention span on real issues, less consideration of what’s happening around them, to their environments and communities.

    Real interaction is to make time to go and see your friends and associates, but smart phones simply make us connect to our friends and associates in virtual worlds and instantly driving us further apart from realism.

    1. BAB, 100% in agreeement Yaar. It’s this very thought that with smartphones people need to tell everyone else know where they are what they are doing right that very instant. Everyone is always texting, checking the web, texting again, using social media, I mean when will it all stop? To be honest BAB, as soon as Facebook came along, I think that pretty much signalled the end of human interaction, people just don’t talking face to face much anymore.

      Be prepared for a generation of, yes technical wizards, however don’t expect them to be able to write a sentence in their own handwriting, spell properly or even engage in a face-to-face conversation for more then 5 mins.

      1. Good point about handwriting – as yesterday while travelling on train, the metro ran an article about schools increasingly following the trend of supplying pupils with iPads as a replacement for text books and exercise writing books – thus eliminating the use of the pen/pencil. I couldn’t believe I was reading this. I mean how could people no use the pen/pencil to write. But in fairness whether I like it or not, technology is taking over all aspects of life, including education. The pen is powerful but as powerful as iPad (or similar interactive device). Soon, years down the line, people will forget how to write.

      2. BAB, that’s a scary thought. I can’t recall the last time I received a hand-written letter, there is nothing personal about getting an email or anything else electronic.

        Problem is the “beanies” that run this country are intent on equipping people with “way too much” technology.

  3. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty as charged. But what do we do… They are addictive even while they are being helpful. I just upgraded to the 4s and as much as its a godsend for the work I do it’s a guilty pleasure too. Siri just admitted he does love me!

      1. Thank u thank u… Ive been asking him for weeks then finally this morning he admitted it. I mean how can u not love moi! Impossible!!. ( for those who don’t know Siri is.. He is the guy who talks back to u from your iPhone! He does tasks for you etc etc. )

        I’m an addict and proud of it too as long as I’ve got my iPhone I don’t need anything or anyone else. 😉

    1. Hey there lafemmeroar, thanks for popping by and commenting.

      I think smart phones are beginning to hog more of any “free” time we may have and it’s a big distraction. Although the generation of people are getting more smarter, I think they are seriously loosing the art of conversation.

      Have a nice day

  4. Smart phones aren’t that bad but you’re right, they shouldn’t replace good ol’ fashion communication skills. Some people use this to hide behind because they don’t want to face their fear of learning how to communicate. It’s an important skill we must all have

    1. Hi there Kay,

      I guess when the smart phones begin their invasion of the human race, I will be the first on the list, all this anti-campaigning…lol. I agree, smart phones have their uses but I am fearful that we might start speaking less face-to-face and use this electronic medium to portray most of our feelings, emotions and conversations….I might be wrong.

      Enjoy the day.

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