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Forgotten Buildings, Lost Objects, Sea!

Day off work!  I felt like taking photo’s, so my son and I ventured off to a location which contained what I always call “forgotten buildings”, right next to the local sailing club.  So for your amusement, my attempt at some abstract shots.




Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

9 thoughts on “Forgotten Buildings, Lost Objects, Sea!

  1. Is that your son? Awww he’s adorable! Give him a kiss on the cheek for me. I like the pictures you took Potato. You’re a better photographer than me.

    1. Hey there Bitter, yes that my youngest, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but he is a ball of fire!

      I will pass on your hello. Pics turned out OK. I would love to see some photo’s you have taken?

      Have a nice weekend.

    1. Hey there BAB, I recall 10yrs back I got married at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, the surrounding grounds were beautiful, in recent yrs you can’t even see the lovely entrance because of so many flats. Mind you, just this February we spent a lovely summers day at Rounday Park, its excellent for taking pictures.

      1. Mate, Royal Armouries is beautiful and to be honest mate – you weren’t much far from where I live. In summer on Mon, Wed and Fridays assuming the weather is on our side, after a game of footy we have a barbecue – if you are ever around next summer, just give us a shout.

      2. Hi Mate,

        Yes I am up for that, nothing like a kick about followed by a healthy BBQ, someone has to suppliment the lost calories…

        I am up there in February so will pop you a shout for a cup of chaa.

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