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Why Hugging is so important

If I stood here and stated that today, we are not as affectionate as our parents and their generation were; would I be wrong?  Would I be talking out-of-place?

This post was sparked from a debating programme I watched last night with one of the debating points being hugging.  Apparently I was not aware that there is a National Hugging Day, check out the link.  It’s great that we have these kind of events, but in a sense it is also exceptionally sad.  Why?  Well look at it this way:

Why do we have National events such as National Letter Writing Day and No Smoking Day?  It is to encourage us to do something on that particular day.  So isn’t it sad that we need a day that encourages us to hug each other?

Interestingly enough, there is also some science around how long the common hug lasts, which this publication claims is 3 seconds.

For me, hugging is very important and I never shy away from a tight cuddle, an affectionate cuddle.  Each and every day I make sure I get my hugs in, before I leave for work and when I come home.  I can tell you it makes the world of good with family and friends.

I recently read a Freshly Pressed post on WordPress which I can’t recall, that spoke of the authors reluctance to hug family and friends, the affection there was rather cold.  But I guess it’s each to their own.

So tell me, when’s the last time you gave someone a true affectionate hug?

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13 thoughts on “Why Hugging is so important

  1. Hi
    Nice post and very true..
    I am strong believer of a hug.. I think it is the one thing that make me feel safe and loved and that what I give to a friend that I think they need an asuramnce
    When did I give a hug..  this morning

  2. As an Asian, when I meet fellow Asians who I recognise, there are two actions follow in greeting the person(s). One you give a tight hug followed by a hand shake. When I first had this experience I felt a little shy and nervous at doing this hug and hand shake – especially when you met a group of lads you recognised in a public place – like College. But over time its become part of my character – now when someone doesn’t hug and just has a hand shake – it feels a little weird.

    But I agree that having a national hugging day simply paints a bleak picture of our society.

  3. I love hugging! I am a total Hugger! I love long warm cuddly hugs… Its all just too yum!! Im up for one anytime!! 😀
    Though there are so many people that hug so quickly! And so many that just don’t hug….!
    When we went to exhibit our business at a Business Opportunities and Franchise expo we did a little experiment- we offered “free hugs”… Maybe you know of the campaign that a guy in Australia started?
    And it was so amazing to see how skeptical people can be- over hugs!
    I cant believe I haven’t posted about it our experiment! Will do so soon!
    Awesome post!
    Hugs! 🙂

    1. Hey there Shilpa,

      I agree, don’t see the reason behind people hugging so quickly, if you don’t like it, then just don’t do it, but if you do it, do with a passion and like you mean it.

      Thanks for the video clip, I remember seeing this, it was a great idea, hugging is free, just like smiling, not sure why people just don’t engage in it.

      Take Care.

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