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It’s all about the “Christmas Sandwich”

I have always enjoyed a good Christmas meal.  Ok, so the buttons on my shirt may well be reaching breaking point and the only way I can move around the house is by rolling around, but I am not one to back down from the challenge.  However, what makes the Christmas meal different from other “huge table-hogging” meals?

Well, quite simply, that the Christmas meal can be combined and wedged together into one sumptuous Christmas Sandwich.

Whenever we have hosted a Christmas meal, we have always made sure there are various arrays of bread on offer, be that in the form of your conventional loaf, tiger rolls or a baguette. 

The Christmas Sandwich can be prepared and consumed either later in the evening on Christmas Day if you have the nerve and stomach or the following day. 

Well, here’s an insight into what my Christmas Sandwich might contain.

Crisp leafs of lettuceWith bacon/sausage sandwiches being an exception, all my other sandwiches have to have lettuce in some form or another, giving that experience a crunching feeling.  The lettuce would sit neatly at the bottom and top, gently caressing the other contents within.

Even spread of MayonnaiseThis may well be a highly debatable item.  I won’t even go as far as saying it was a close call between mayonnaise and cranberry sauce, it wasn’t. 

Chunky cut strips of  your turkey. The main item, cut into thick strips while maintaining the crispy skin from lunchtime.

StuffingWe usually present our stuffing in small ball shapes, so if we have any leftover, it’s a case of flattening them and spreading the stuffing gently over the turkey, just like a blanket.

Bacon wrapped sausages (BWS)Ok, so you know the point I made earlier about lettuce and bacon/sausages, ignore that just for the purpose of the Christmas Sandwich.  The stuffing layer helps stabilise the bws, around five across the width of the sandwich is normally suffice, unless you are using rolls or a baguette. 

Door-stopper bread.  I personally always opt for a whole grain loaf, cutting two extra thick slices to ensure the sandwich does not become soggy in any way.

So there you have it, my Christmas Sandwich sits nicely on the wooden chopping board, I reach for my special bread-cutting knife.  It measures around 12 inches in length and is a prime example of human engineering.  With poise, I begin cutting my Christmas Sandwich right down the middle, pressing down to ensure none of the contents escape around the sides, thus affecting the entire balance of the sandwich.  It’s now ready.

So tell me, what items will your Christmas Sandwich contain?


Note* A veg Christmas Sandwich can taste as good as a non-veg one………but not better!



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

11 thoughts on “It’s all about the “Christmas Sandwich”

  1. The last episode of India Master Chef aired the judges actually showing you how to make pitta-bred from scratch and with raw ingredients. They make a fantastic filling only using one main ingredient Chick-peas (or Chollas in Punjabi/Urdu).

    Believe me I was taken back by their simple cooking methods and recipe. So I have decided to become a specialist in making Pitta-bred, only because I spend too much on buying them from shops to fill them with Keema, Chicken Tikka or Chunky Tuna.

    1. I am going to write a couple of blogs around the cookery course I did recently, it was great the refreshing in terms of the difference between cooking fresh compared to the rubbish that get’s served at Indian restaurants.

      There’s nothing like Keema and “Naan”, a lovely combination.

      If you like Chicken Tikka, I will post up a nice recipe for you to try.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

      Do you know what, I have never tried avocado in a sandwich before, I mean I am one for trying new things but have sometimes felt reluctant to experiment too much with sandwiches. Having said that, why not give it a try!

      Hope to see you around, have a nice day.

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