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The 100th

Commentator: “….and that shot brings him into the 90’s, the packed crowd shout even louder, he can feel the expectation ever since the first run he put on the board. Oh what a lovely cover drive, that’s 99 and end of the over.  Both the players in the middle walk towards each other, the heat is intensive, but his mind must be exploding”.

Me: “Ever since I walked onto the field this morning, my heart hasn’t stopped beating like a wild horse.  I now stand on 99 runs, one more and I will have achieved my very first century.  As I walk to the middle to meet my batting partner, my eyes seem blurry, I need to keep my composure”.

Umpire: “Start of next over”

Me: “Ok, back to the wicket to face the bowler, heart is beating faster, legs seem weak, jelly-like, my head feels dizzy.  I try not to look at the wicket-keeper; his eyes are gleaming, his gestures unsporting.  As I turn, I notice a circle of fielders around me, are we playing ring-a-ring roses?  I knuckle down, here he comes, all 6f4 of sheer pace and speed, the ball is pitching outside, here’s my chance….OUCH! 

Commentator: “Ooh I bet he felt that one, bang on the left hand.  The ball looked as if it was pitching just outside and then suddenly turned in, he is hurt”.

Me: “Don’t show any pain, get on with it.  Here he comes again, leave it, leave it, don’t be tempted.  Four more balls to go, I feel sick, why did I ever choose to play this game, do I have the balls?  Don’t grip the bat too hard, relax.  Shut up mind, you are giving me too many instructions, go away, leave me alone, let nature take its cause.  Here he fucking comes again, right, screw this, I am throwing the kitchen sink at this”.

Commentator: “He knocks the ball to deep cover and off he goes……”

Me: “Run….run….off I go, right partner, start running in the opposite direction.  I am running hard, don’t tumble, don’t look around, forget the fielder, I can run faster than he can throw.  I can see the chalked line, there it is, I am there, I can see a red ball in slow motion making its way alongside me.  Jump forward you fool, stick out the bat, hurry.  Puff of smoke, what happened, my eyes were closed, I am lying on the floor, people screaming everywhere, I look up at the umpire, he’s making a window shape gesture, what, referring it to the 3rd umpire, I thought I made it, holy shit, will I ever get another chance?”

Commentator: “We are waiting on the decision, keep your eyes on the screen people, here it comes, twisting graphic tells us NOT OUT.  The crowd roar in celebration, his first 100, well done”.

Me: “Just lie here, don’t move, savour the moment….the start of many a great things to come”.

I don’t know what it’s like to be a cricketer who is on the cusp of making 100 runs, but today this is my 100th post.  What’s the connection with the piece I have written, not sure but I had been pondering for some days on what to write, hesitant, like the cricketer, so I let nature take its cause.  I am sure so many others have reached this milestone, I’m just happy I stuck with something for a change.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

10 thoughts on “The 100th

  1. I enjoyed it!
    I think it perfectly conveys the dilemma of not knowing what your 100th post will be…
    You made it all about the dilemma! Awesome!

    I’m sure you’ve stuck with a lot of things! Your family? Your wife? Your kids? the person you are? The values your parents gave you? The values you wanted to have?
    Its not a change… you stick to many things… you just don’t realise it ’cause you’re looking at the things you didn’t stick to… is it too late to stick to them now? Are you dead?

    Congrats on the Hundred!

    1. Thanks Shilpa.

      Well as the lucky cricketer, once you pass the 100 its really time to throw the “kitchen sink” at everything and let yourself go…*he he*

      Yes I guess we often forget about the things we have “stuck to” and fail to appreciate those. I guess where I’m coming from is the multitude of ideas that I have started working on and then found them kind of left behind because something else has taken the priority.

      But I guess its never too late, just a matter of carving out the time to complete them.


  2. Mate – a well deserved century. I’m a serious cricketer and the adrenaline, excitement, fear, hopes, dreams: is what you described, its pretty much accurate when your own in the middle of the game. I’ve been at that stage a couple of times and its the best feeling ever.

    That said, I now need to encourage you to make many more centuries – I hope one day you become a legend of a batter like my Tendulkar – but as a Blogging-Batsman.

    1. Thanks Mate – so not just an avid footballer but also a cricketer, I can just imagine you shouting from the cricket terraces when our beloved India go hell for leather.

      Funny you should mention Tendulkar, I initially wrote this in terms of the cricketer just on the cusp his hundrenth 100, but I sensed the emotions would be very different and that innocence and excitement around getting your first hundred would be very much different.

      Yes Tendulkar is a legend, the greatest batsman to ever pick up a bat, such grace and such a gentlemen in the game. I do really hope he reaches that milestone and soon, it would have been ideal if he had done it in England because I think that’s a kind of special place for him, especially at Lords, the home of cricket.

  3. *Clapping* I’m happy for you Spud (that’s your new nickname now).
    Congrats on your 100th post. Nicely written too – as always.

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