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Promotional Post: Young Writers “Poem”

My son’s year at school were asked to submit a poem for a Young Writers competition.  He worked on it alongside a friend and fortunately their work was selected and will be published in a short book of other poems.   As a treat, I promised them some advertising space on this blog and in return for daily payment in the form of car cleaning and cups of tea, their work would have access to my lovely blogging community.

Poem is based on the Tudor era, U9’s category.  Well done Rajan & Ryan.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

9 thoughts on “Promotional Post: Young Writers “Poem”

  1. Fantastic news, and well done to all of you.

    I remember a similar competition last year, in which my Nephew and 3 Nieces participated, where they wrote a poem. All four were selected and as a result their poems were published in a book – they were each awarded with a certificate to acknowledge this. We purchased few copies of the actual book and indeed it was a very proud moment for everyone.

    1. Hi BAB,

      That’s probably the same competition, I think it’s country-wide. Any literary recognition can only enhance the confidence of the young generation. Reading and creative writing are absolutely vital to a balanced society, especially if we want to keep the Big Bad Wolf that is social media at bay.

      Have a nice weekend bro.

  2. Well done and congratulations you have now been published!

    Our local primary school does it just about every year and the kids have had their work selected and published loads of times. The book is usually a selection from different schools all put together. We have quite a lot of these books now. It really is recognition and a confidence booster for them. My youngest niece has gone on to write a lot more and has quite a collection now.

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