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Music Week, Day 1 – Koyal (Songbird)

It’s Monday 19th December and Christmas is this coming weekend, if you still didn’t know, the festive music blasting its way at every street corner should be a cold enough reminder.

I looked out of the window and although the sky was grey and the cold bitter, the blackness of the trees was striking and it propped up some nice images.  It also reminded of a song I listened to a while back so I thought, lets work towards the festive weekend with some calming music.  Why? Because for most of us, this weekend will be hustle and bustle, handling hot trays of vegetables and meat, ducking and diving out of each other’s way in the kitchen, then snoozing afterwards.

I am going to (try and) upload a track once a day this week, from a favourite artist of mine, Nitin Sawhney.  I started listening to his music when my love for Asian Underground music started evolving.  Hoping you enjoy some of the tracks this week.  Some of the tracks will not feature subtitles, so I will try to translate.

I found the translation for this track on YouTube, see below.

Why the cuckoo sings in the Autumn season and why the rainy season darkens the sky when I meet my beloved. Why the weather changes why colour is fully sprinkled during black nights. Yes, after meeting with you my every limb trembles. Look, my dear, my body and soul is dancing. The bracelet on foot tinkles and produces a song. There is a link with you in this song. Why weather changes in this season.


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

11 thoughts on “Music Week, Day 1 – Koyal (Songbird)

  1. It’s amazing how, when weather changes, it creates imagines that leave a lasting memory. When I was at University couple of years back, I use to walk allot, in all weathers, and during winter and especially November and December I have most beautiful memories of weather which I have experienced first hand, walking in it.

    Sometimes I think the UK has the best weather, all four seasons are so lovely that it’s worth wrapping up and going out to experience it.

    1. You know BAB, I am more of a winter person, I love the frosty grass, hill tops, that raw morning feeling keeping you on your toes. Equally during this time, we just love putting on the warm fire inside during those dark winter nights, it’s a nice feeling.

      Summer is the only season I don’t really enjoy much, just me really, strange, but I feel 30% less energy during the summer, much more zippy during the more cooler/colder seasons.

      “Let it snow Let is snow Let it snow”

  2. Hello D.. Love the music and the words of the song .. Thank you very much for sharing .. i will keep checking your blog for more

  3. I just hate being cold… I have such a hard time in the winter… my mum used to say you were born in the wrong country and many say.. how can feel so cold living in a cold country… i wish i knew.. sometimes i hate the cold so much it brings me to tears… there is nothing i enjoy about it and never will ,,, anyways.. loved the song.. it practically put me to sleep 😛

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