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Piecing together a Dream – I am no Freud!

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“Sweet Dreams Darling”…..”but I don’t dream”……”I do”.

I do dream a lot, when I am sleeping that is, well that’s what my mind tells me however I am not sure whether my eyes are open or closed.  I can also recount my dreams very well but I am guessing an expert in the field will confirm a scientific theory behind that.

Anyway, I have been replaying a dream I had last night, this is how it went.

The location of the dream was some sort of docks, I know that because there was a ship, lots of water and kind of those cobble roads around us.  I say us because I was not alone, but I can’t quite “place the faces”.  All of a sudden I was confronted by a tall monster, who was being handcuffed.  The tall monster tried to escape and transformed into a tall person, some young kid popped out from nowhere to shoot it but I put my hand in front of the gun, the tall person then rapidly got wrestled to the ground and pumped with an injection to calm it down.

I suddenly awoke, stared at the ceiling and thought, how strange.  This morning I was still chewing over the dream and it finally occurred to me various bits from yesterday/weekend which I could relate to this dream, so here goes:

Location @ Docks: Just this past Sunday and yesterday, the wife and I have been talking about booking a trip away to the Isle of Wight, so instantly ships and water have been on my mind.

Tall Monster turns human: This is a strange one, one of my Twitter friends mentioned to me as a joke that she was 10ft tall.  I then responded to her that for such a tall person she would make a good goalkeeper.  The monster part?  Well she is kind of scary in the Blogging/Twitter world.

Monster is handcuffed: This is brilliant.  I was watching an old movie last night, Absent Without Leave (AWOL), starring the one and only Jean-Claude Van Damme, who in one scene is about to be handcuffed.

Boy with a gun: OK, so my kids have been playing with their Nerf guns all weekend, on the rampage at home.

Tall Human get’s injections: Yesterday morning I got my last injection from the nurse for my trip to India; although I am not 10ft tall.

It sounds as if I made most of this up, but I kid you not!

So, how well do you remember your dreams?


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

9 thoughts on “Piecing together a Dream – I am no Freud!

  1. This is a cracker. admittedly I do dream and some I can remember and some I simply can’t – unless days and weeks later something reminds me of the dream.

    There was a time in my life, when I had dreams and each dream continued from the previous dream, it was scary but happy to have had that experience.

    1. Hi,

      I think I had one of those scenario’s too, it went something like me trying to outwit a group of gun-men dressed in black, however knowing how fast I do run, I couldn’t, it was all slow-mo. Well the gun-men have disappeared and been replaced by real-life people, my boys and their Nerf guns!

  2. Lol… Wow! Loving it!
    I think I’m loving these blogs relating to the mind and all things intangible- like responsibility!
    During my studies we covered dream analysis, though its not the usual of certain things in your dreams have specific meanings that are the same regardless of who you are- mostly that is a generalized way of looking at dreams- which is ridiculous, as each individual is different and views life in different ways. For me, I think that the only person that can tell you what your dreams mean, is yourself.
    What we studied was what I think makes more sense.
    There is one major way that the subconscious mind can communicate with the conscious mind- through dreams. The subconscious mind is like a child who is innocent and only wants whats the best- it also tends to think and communicate in images. When we dream its just pictures from the subconscious mind- it is the conscious mind that tries to put into some kind of chronological order and sense. Each image has a meaning that the conscious mind will relate to it. Like chocolate for one person will be the height of indulgence and for someone like me it will be something that makes me feel ill.
    When we analyze dreams, we think of all the images we can remember and write each as a symbol… so like you have done above…
    Then we disregard the dream and the “supposed” sequence of it all.
    We think of every symbol and what it means to us… so when i dream of birds, it means freedom for me. What does the docks mean to you, for example?
    We do this with each symbol. Then we ask ourselves what meaning does this have with regards to life now… I once had a nightmare of a bird that was trapped and trying to escape- My freedom was being deprived. (after I learnt this stuff and analyzed the dream, I realized I had that nightmare during one of the crappiest times during a romantic relationship)
    Recurring dreams happen when the conscious mind isn’t paying attention to the subconscious… sometimes nightmares follow… and if you continue to ignore it, the subconscious usually gives up. Its usually sad because for most people, the subconscious mind tries to make a dream/goal/vision/purpose known to the conscious mind…
    Having said sooo much, I think that even the way you explained your dream was quite awesome! Sometimes we just dream of all the things that are constantly in front of us….
    Hugs! & Sweet Dreams!

    1. Thanks for the explanation Shilpa, very interesting indeed. Yes dreams are that “grey” area I think, a combination of so many thoughts, real, made up, advisory…but glueing them together is fun, well for me that is *strange man*.

      I used to have a lot of nightmares as a child, my mum says I watched too many horror movies…who knows…

  3. I’m the tall monster. *evil laughter*

    That was a cool dream though Spud and it’s a good thing you blogged about it too. My dreams… well I either have one or I don’t. Normally I don’t. When I do have one it’s always related to people I don’t like.

  4. Lol.. I have to admit I can relate to this post. If I eat too late at night, I will dream of a huge monster following me around, chasing me, or me freaking out because something is trying to get me. I usually remember the crazy dreams but then again sometimes I don’t. I usually have to get them out before I forget them so someone else can hear how crazy it sounds and I won’t think I’m completely nuts lol.

    1. Well funny enough since then I have not had any more dreams of that nature, how strange….the mind works…maybe all this packing and flying off has occupied my brain completely…

      Take Care

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