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My series on LIFE

As far back as I can cast my mind, I have always pondered the question Why Am I Here? | What is my purpose in life?  It’s probably one of the most popular questions, on which people have written books and directors made films around the world.

Do I need to ask this question when I am at that point, starring the grim reaper in the face while I ponder on my life like a rolling movie?  At which point I say to myself, “Ahh, now I understand”. 

There is a common misconception that only those insane or deeply depressed ponder such questions, however not quite so, you could be someone riding the joys of life (like me) yet still questioning the mere existence.

This post is an intro into some articles I intend to write, maybe to get a wider perspective from my readers.  I am no philosopher nor do I profess to have read reams of books written by the experts, whether they are of a scientific or religious nature, however I have some simple questions that I would like to address.

My follow-on post, titled “Notion behind my inception” should hopefully set the scene, coming soon.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

12 thoughts on “My series on LIFE

  1. Ah you see, with such question(s), you are going into the territory of belief/religion/spiritual dimensions. Something, which I love reading about and trying to understand. Admittedly, the only real way of understanding ‘our purpose’ is to have a guide, a person who have become engaged with their surrounds, and has been gifted the knowledge of aiding and helping people like me and you.

    In the absence of religion or faith, one is more inclined to look for scientific proof of our existence, in other words ‘evolution’, but this again is a ‘theory’ of evolution and chops and change as and when information becomes available.

    But without bias, one needs to explore all avenues and available ideologies. Which provide insight into ‘who we are’ and ‘how we obtained our intelligence’ and ‘what is our purpose’.

    Dude you have excited me. I look forward in reading your future material.

    1. Hi there BAB,

      Pleased to know your excitement at this, which only puts more pressure on my producing some decent material (j/k). Yes there are religious and scientific ideologies around “our” existance and although both present a differing and stern view, the matter of the point is that we are here, by some mechanism. However, let’s try and address this in small segments | Our inception | Our journey pre birth | Our journey through life and actions | Our eventual end |

      Let’s see how this develops

  2. I think everyone is here for a purpose. A purpose as in to be an example to someone as in a lesson. We learn from each other. We are here to make mistakes and for others to learn from them. Or we learn from what others do. Many come on this earth to perhaps give birth to a great leader or to lead a great nation.

    Sometimes when someone is killed or dies through negligence accidents etc look how laws and things change to make it safer for us. So this person died for a reason i.e to make a difference.
    We might even be here to make a difference, it’s 2am so kinda hard to give a spot on reply ~ yawns ~ but I think putting religion and science aside I think is the simplest explanation.

    1. Hi Aneesa,

      While it is 2am in the morning you put your thoughts across well, I understand what you are saying. It’s an interesting point around each individual making a difference in this world. We each have different periods of stay, some short, some long, some eventful, some not. Your thoughts will certainly help to shape the future posts on this subject.

      Many Thanks

  3. Some of these books and philosophy are very clever mash of esoteric doctrines some are good and give you some insight but some only add confusion .. I think the best one to ask and converse with is yourself. Now the question when do you / we ask Why Am I Here? | What is my purpose in life?.. these two questions must be asked at all times because loosing the connection to the answers is the start of a very blurry future and lost purpose of life .. a wise man is the one who always asks why and what .. and I can see that though you are not a philosopher but you are a thinker .. so good on you for not losing the connection between you and you .. if you know what i mean .. thank you for the great post you always manage to get the mind of your reader ticking 🙂

    1. Hi Dunia,

      Interesting thought and I agree, what’s important is our connection with ourselves and for us not to forget who we are, which may force us to assess our position on regular occasions.

      The question is, how many other connections do we have?

  4. Wow! I just know I’m going to love every other post after this one (Loving this one already!)
    What an awesome can of possibility to open!

    The purpose of this life… well as you know, I’m very spiritual- the path I follow is of the idea that we have been given this life to realize God and a soul can only take this journey of God-realization in the human form…
    I am also very logical- so while I do think the ultimate purpose for this life is to go back ‘home’.. I also believe that this life has a reason, a purpose to fulfill… I think it was Will Smith that said, if you’re not making the life of someone else better, you’re wasting your time. I felt quite lost after high school and then I had a gap year of personal development with the gurus in that field and I discovered- or maybe created my purpose for this life… what it is I want to achieve in this life, what it is that I want my life to mean…

    I think that the only person that can ever help you know what your life purpose is- is you… (With maybe some guidance from a life coach or some such) Lots of soul searching to really ask (and be willing to hear the answer) as to what you want your life to mean- not to the world, to you. What do you want your life to mean for you?

    1. Yes certainly opens up lots more questions for now will very little answers. Your comments (and other’s too) will help shape future posts on this subject.

      Are those we learn from destined to cross our path and teach us? Is that their purpose in life? Who knows…but we’ll explore.

      Have a nice day.

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