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India – In my Snippets

After a week of fast track travelling, attending farm-house weddings and eating so late that breakfast was literally round the corner, I touched down in snowy UK on Wednesday 8th Feb.  India has changed, India hasn’t changed, if you know what I mean, but I will leave that conversation for my next post, which is more my narrative on my experience.  For now, please enjoy some snippets I captured via my camera during my short week in India.

The ever reliant Ambassador
I didn't even have to direct this security guard, his pose was like a pro, he's done this before
We had 20 suitcases between 8 of us so in came what looked like an animal transporter
Privilige Card system based on Costa Coffee
After touch down in Delhi we visited Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, a beautiful place
Food supplies being loaded onto the Shatabdi Express, our train to Amritsar at 7am
Car pollution is rife in Amritsar
My first glimpse of Harmander Sahib (The Golden Temple) - very peaceful
Harmander Sahib situated centrally, our guide gave us background on the grand design
Sewadars (helpers) preparing food, couple of thousand eat here each day
Me, 2nd from left, with wedding boy, my bro and family
In our Wedding Day glad rags (Me, Brother-in-Law Jon, my younger bro)
Wedding Day Band at the ready
Our driver and his family
Wedding Day Bhangra Band, these guys were very jolly, if you get giving them the green
On my day off - Health & Safety would have a field day here


Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

13 thoughts on “India – In my Snippets

  1. Welcome back my friend, We missed you yaar. That said, I had to one point envy your position when I was following those pics via twitter.

    That said, I would love to read about your experience in India and in comparison to how different it was when you last went.

    Love the pictures, especially Harmander Sahib place. Believe it or not, a friend of mine – her father owns a Ambassador here in the UK. It’s a show piece on wedding days.

    1. Whenever I managed to grab some broadband connectivity, I found Twitter very useful, especially when broadcasting the mamouth Cricket match.

      I will put down my thoughts on paper and write a post, vast difference from my visit back in 1993. Yes Harmander Sahib is a fantastic place, very peaceful and tranquill, amazing really seeing that the just outside the doors the City of Amritsar is bustling with traffic and people.

      When you decide to tie the knot bro, get yourself into one of those Ambassador’s….

  2. Welcome back buddy and your twitter pics were a delight… 😉

    Love the pics of the golden temple it’s gorgeous and so glorious and very apt to its name.

    You and the guys looked proper handsome in your glad rags, very fetching indeed.

    You never missed much while you were away apart from the cold weather.

    Did you remember my A4s? 😉

    1. You know we don’t get much of an opportunity to wear our glad rags so it was nice, makes a change from the suit and tie…and you know how much I don’t like wearing a tie. Well I looked fetching, not sure about the other two chaps next to

      It got pretty cold there in the evenings, I was surprised but luckily took some jumpers with me.

      Yes I have a smashing A4 pic for you 🙂 – will post soon


    1. Hi Creative – I managed to cram a huge amount of activities into 6 days so was pretty much very hectic and by Tuesday things caught up with me and I wasn’t feeling all that great, however happy to be returning home because I really missed my family.

      The pics came out nice, I went snap mad and took some 900 pictures in total over the 4 day event.


  3. WOW.. I LOVE this post. I was so waiting to see some photos as you know :). I love the architecture and those vintage cars. I was “oohing” and “ahing” looking at those photos lol… stunning. And your family photos are just wonderful. Your family is just beautiful.

    1. Hi Kay. I am glad you liked the pictures. India is an amazing place, so much heritage, so much development, it’s like a country clashing with itself on where it wants to be. It was great to see my family after so many years, I mean the last time I saw them we were all kids, and now we have grown up and have kids of our own, it’s crazy.

      Hope you are having a good day, have a great weekend

  4. I have this huge thing for Punjabi people, their culture and their spiritual path- Maybe because my own spiritual teacher is Punjabi- And I must say the pics of Harmander Sahib just make me want to go to India right now! Gorgeous pics! I wouldn’t mind seeing all 900! I go crazy with photos too and I love seeing moments capture! Thank you for this post…!

    1. Hi Shilpa,

      When you visit India, you must go to Amritsar and visit Harmander Sahib, there is a peaceful feeling which is hard to explain, if I was a poet, I might have have been able to describe a small portion of what I was experiencing at the time.


      1. Shilpa,

        When you decided to go, let me know, I will put you in touch with some family and friends who would be more then happy to be your guide, it’s always good to have some local knowledge out there.

      2. Will definitely do! That’s very sweet! Thank you! Trying to go end of this year, beginning of the next… Will let you know! #Touched !

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