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It’s always good to keep notes

Do you recall the days when people used to keep a diary of their thoughts? We all remember the popular TV series Secret Diary of Adrian Mole back in the 80’s.  

I have never kept a diary however following a recent interview where I was subjected to a grilling which required me to recall “critical and relevant” past events to prove my worth, I started thinking.  I sat in that room, overlooking the shrubs, the trees and the water feature thinking, it might have helped if I jotted these incidents down. 

Now I am not talking about keeping a detailed list of each and every occurrence in your daily life, but it’s prudent to keep a note of a situation you may have dealt with, or a personal observation, all these things will help you when you search through the memory archives.

Did I follow-up my own advice?  Of course, in actual fact I go a little against it as I do spend 5 minutes a day jotting something [meaningful] down.



Someone trying to rip through the normality of life and expand a few horizons.

6 thoughts on “It’s always good to keep notes

  1. I used to jot down my feelings all the time. it is a wonderful way to see from where you were.. to where you are now. It’s always a great way to remember things that you otherwise might forget. I want to start writing in my journal again.. it was therapeutic for me

    1. Hi Kay.

      You know since I started jotting down things I have found it interesting to read about what my state of mind at that time and its fun trying to figure out why I wrote it and where in life will that information become useful. Also, one of the thoughts that crossed my mind recently was that when I get old and frail and my memory starts fading away (lol), then I can always visit my blog and refresh my memory on past thoughts…..if I can remember the URL by then 🙂

      Have a nice weekend

  2. I used to write a diary until I realised how painful it was reading it again. So I stopped writing, not just the diary, poetry letters everything. Its sometimes difficult even blogging now.

    Some things are just not worth remembering.

    A diary of good feelings and thoughts would be awesome. Something to leave my kids that I will have one day. Or remember when my brain is no longer so sharp 😉

    1. I think it’s important to note down the bad experiences too because they can be turn into something very positive. All these things, diary, poetry, blogging – should flow freely and when one is in that “zone”, never force yourself. As you can see, I myself am not really shifting mountains when it comes to blogging 🙂

      I think when my kids read my blog, they will think, we thought dad was crazy, now its been confirmed – however 100% agree with your last comment, I will read over when the brain starts slowing down.

      Have a nice day

  3. I was an avid journal-writer as a child. As I’ve gotten older and spent a lot more time writing emails and letters, I’ve journaled less. Recently, in response to a major loss in my life, i have begun again. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to jot down thoughts, thanksgivings, concerns, to write letters that I will not send, to reflect on the transitioning that I am doing. I am really grateful for the time I’m spending quietly by myself writing. Thanks for your thoughts about life. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Hi there Thandiwe,

      Firstly many thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I wish I had written more when my mind was “fresher” and not so clouded with a zillion thoughts, but I soldier on.

      Keep dropping by 🙂

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